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It has been an overwhelming response that I got from my previous articles. I am back again to help my IPCC friends. There are students who, after giving multiple attempts in IPCC, failed to crack the exam. I will discuss something that you may not have done it previously. After reading this you may be able to find out what action is required from your side to overcome failure. 

Well, I will be focusing on 8 major points. 

1) Have a positive mindset: Yes, it is absolutely essential to keep yourself positive in difficult times. I know it is easy to say than to do. But you have to be positive. Tell me what will you gain by thinking negative.?Forget about your failures, forget about your attempts. Think as if that this May 2018 is your first attempt. You have to be absolutely fearless. 

2) Replace your old books with new ones: Yes, you have heard it right. Replace your old books(especially theory books)  to the extent possible with a new one. Because all your negative emotions are attached with those old books. So whenever you will start with a new book, you will be feeling like reading it for the first time. 

3) Revise, revise and revise: The key to success in CA exams is to revise again and again and again and again. Make sure that you are revising your subject for at least 5-7 times. The more you revise, the more will be the subject in your grip. 

4) Find out your mistakes and stop blaming ICAI: Unfortunately blaming ICAI, instead of finding your own mistakes have become the ultimate reason for the failure. Find out your own mistakes. Do whatever it is required to do. Consult with your seniors, with friends, with teachers, changing your pattern of study, changing your time of study bla bla bla. Believe me guys until and unless you are unable to find out where your mistake is you will never be able to recover your failure. If you do the same thing again and again, you will end up with failure only. So finding out mistakes is inevitable. 

5) Have your certified copies: If you are not good in a subject, if you think you should get more marks, get your certified copies of exam from the ICAI. See where marks are deducted, why they are deducted. See copies of students who are getting good marks. Compare with yours one. 

6) Give mock test: Mock test is essential to asses yourself. It will also help to increase your efficiency and accuracy. As you have read your syllabus multiple times, you can easily revise your subject and give the mock test. Nowadays there are online sites where you can give exams. Alternatively, ICAI also conducts mock tests. Get full advantage of it. 

7) Articleship is essential: Now there may be students, giving group 2 while doing their articleship. Now what you have to do is manage your study time. You can neither loose focus in articleship, nor lose focus on study. At least 6-7 hours of study per day is essential. Now, this may be one of the toughest thing to do. But you have to do it anyhow to get passed in the exam. In order to be a successful CA articleship is essential. On the other hand, you can't lose focus on your studies because of your articleship. So it's your responsibility how you should manage both. Depending on how much study leave you will get, plan your studies. 

8) Do meditation daily: Doing meditation will keep your mind and body in your control. At least 10 minutes of daily meditation may add bonus points into your life to win the war. 

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Dwaipayan Paul
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