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The problem I relate with most students is how to motivate yourself for doing regular study as it is very hard to study continuously. I can understand this feeling that’s why I am sharing my thoughts with you friends. Many times we feel that we should left study or we should quit the study because it is so tough to keep our interest level high at regular basis. Many times we feel that there is no worth to do studies at regular basis. Our passion for studies is distracted by many other feelings as feeling of giving Govt exams, feeling of earning some income, feeling of doing part time job, feeling of spending time with family, feeling of being socialize , feeling of doing some other activities, feeling of doing any other course and many more other feelings. These feelings are very big distractions or hurdles in our regular studies.

To do regular study is not an easy task. It is very hard to keep going in studies. Many times we listen words like selfish, introvert, egoistic, stubborn, self-centered and much more from our friends, colleagues, relatives and closed persons. Many times situation is like this if we want to go with someone or if we want to attend some social function but the need of study doesn’t allow us to go. That time we are very alone to share our feeling. It seems as someone stops us by holding our hand but we want to go. That situation is very tough to handle as our mind, our heart doesn’t ready or agree for this. We miss many occasions, many celebrations, many get together. We devote our all time to study. Even our many years of life are dedicated to study.

How to motivate yourself for CA Study

In our field I noticed many students who are just CA Inter and didn’t complete CA Final due to work commitments or after being married or due to more responsibilities or may be any other reason.

So till now I am talking about our feelings, these tough situations but now please open your mind and think carefully. Why are you leaving your studies? Why are you leaving your dreams? No one can understand your core feelings or your dreams? If you have still desire to be CA or if you want to write these two alphabets before your name or if you want to listen this word with your name or if you can feel the power of this word or if you can feel the contentment, satisfaction and happiness in listening this word with your name then it is only you and you who have to take responsibility of your studies. Only you can do efforts to manage your time, manage your works, and manage your responsibility so that you can complete your studies. If you want to get these two alphabets with your name then you have to prepare yourself for responsibility of achieving your dream.


Now I want to say only that don’t let you dreams go off. Don’t think that now you can’t do CA or now you can’t complete your studies as age is just a number. It is never too late. You can complete your studies at any point of time. Don’t think about people’s reaction and if possible then don’t tell them as what you are doing is not their concern. You do whatever you want to do. It will give you self-contentment. It will take just 6 months or 1 year to complete your studies but friends it will give you happiness for life time. You will achieve your dream. You will get these two alphabets with your name. Finally You will be CA.


'All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.' - Walt Disney

The author can be reached at YouTube Channel Study Ki Lehar.

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