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The rapid spread of coronavirus around the world is obviously having an effect on the economy along with the general business operations across the world. For most businesses, the crisis has led or is likely to lead to a temporary fall in sales. Businesses that do not adapt to this situation will inevitably put themselves at risk.

Wherever there is a change, there is a chance. There are prospects for sales for some current or new products and services based on the effects of COVID-19 (i.e. hand sanitizer, masks, and food supplies). However, there are some other prospects from an organizational point of view. One of the benefits of a downturn in business operation is that businesses have time to address certain places that never get much coverage, and maybe that's the back office accounting. Below are some of the aut

Take your business to cloud

To be honest, there are a few reasons for any small or medium-sized business or entity to run their accounting software on mobile or server-based applications in 2020. Software applications such as HostBooks offer complete accounting solutions. Built using the latest technology like Automation and Cloud, it helps small business owners securely manage their accounting processes on the go.

Cloud-based access control systems provide centralized monitoring, great visibility, and quick control without the expense and complexity of conventional systems requiring physical access. Any user from anywhere in the world can have access to the business books with an e-mail address only. These systems also have optional two-factor authentication for added security, if necessary.

As a result of the coronavirus situation, several businesses have agreed to let their employees work from home to prevent contact between people. In that case, it is complicated for accounting professionals to use desktop applications. And think about the IT staff—-they need to be in the office physically to help the accountant or other employees. Cloud-based applications allow accounting professionals to work from home or switch work to remote subcontractors that would not affect accounting operations. 

Manage Accounting Operations during COVID-19 Crisis

Automate your work processes

Accounting Process Automation increases the speed, consistency, and reliability of the reconciliation process by automating the daily and high-volume transaction processes. Through the use of managed role-based access, automated journal validation, development, and posting, organizations are able to put an end to mundane tasks with ease.

Try outsourcing your work

With your cloud-based accounting systems, outsourcing some or all of your accounting activities is a great way to cut costs, raising risk, and free up time for you to concentrate on your business. As accounting software is now migrating to the cloud, an entire ecosystem of cloud-based outsourced accounting options has evolved. 

Outsourcing work can also be a great idea as those technical professionals can run your accounting operations smoothly and in an integrated manner. Another such service is cloud accounting, where the company can conveniently hold the records remotely at a fraction of the expense of having someone on site. These resources not only make sure your business is properly accounted for, but also provide advice and guidance that is relevant to your industry and your stage of business growth.

Clearly, in the light of the coronavirus, outsourced cloud accounting systems have major benefits. Such technologies are planned, by their very nature, to provide services remotely. Through remote access, information, and data are combined through communications via email, text, telephone, and video conferencing, you will have access to a virtual accounting team that is accessible anywhere, anytime. 


Make your business appealing for investment

Investment demand may be slow or stagnant, but there is still a large amount of money in the economy that is searching for growth opportunities, both equity and debt. As the economy turns around, there will be tremendous prospects for well-run companies. So maybe it is a great time to use this break to clean up your business. Next, make sure the existing activities are as effective as possible.

In any case, this move is a necessary step to sustain income with increasing revenues. Second, clean up the past financial data right now. When an investment opportunity emerges, don't let it slip through your fingers, because you need time to clean up your accounts. Third, get in contact with experts who understand your industry, your market, and the investment ecosystem. Allow them to concentrate on the accounting, lifeblood of your business which is marketing, sales, and innovation.


These are the best practices that will not only boost your accounting operations but also will strengthen your business during this tough time.


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Biswajit Mishra
(Chief Development Office)
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