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Is maintaining a positive attitude easier said than done? There are many times in our lives when putting on a smiley face is not easy and it may not even be what we want to do at that moment.

Think of when someone annoys you and you feel anger inside, perhaps even revengeful; or when you are busy with a project that doesn't seem to have given results for a long time, and you feel discouraged; or when you see people suffering that you can do nothing for, and the hopeless feeling.

This kind of situations bring up negative feelings, and then we cling on to them most of the times, specially if our ego is involved – like when you believe that someone has been unfair or rude to you and you feel you deserve an apology. Focusing on these negative thoughts only creates a circle in which the more you think about them, and feel negative, the more it seems that this is indeed reality.

The more you see the reality as being aggressive towards you, the more you feel bad about yourself. The best thing for you is to take a step back, say NO to all those negative feelings, and choose to focus on the positive aspects in your life.

The following tips for maintaining a positive attitude could be the help you were looking for, in order to do that. You may be able to apply only one or maybe many of these tips to your current situation, and they may even inspire you to look for your own ways of feeling good about yourself. Five tips for maintaining a positive attitude

Use these tips to help you keep a positive attitude when things around you make you feel negative. Don't let discouragement, anger or sadness get you down any longer!

· Do something nice for yourself:

Take a warm bath, enjoy a walk on your own, spend an afternoon doing something that you like (reading, watching a good movie, playing an instrument, cooking, gardening).

By focusing on yourself and taking some time off just for you, you put your negative circumstances and feelings aside for a while. When you come back, it's easier to deal with them, as you'll do it from a positive state of mind.

· Be grateful for what you already have:

Think sometimes that there are many people in wore situations than you are right now. This story went like "I complained that I had no shoes, until I saw a man with no feet". Realize that you receive things, people, and experiences into your life that other people have no access to, due to different reasons. Feel grateful for what you do have. You may like to have a glance at this article on being thankful.

· Turn your attention outwards:

Take some time to help someone. Give time, attention and support to somebody that needs it. You could give a hand to a friend or spend an afternoon helping out at a charity group, for instance. At times we think that our problems are really big when things aren’t really all that bad. Getting out of your own reality will help you put things into perspective and deal with them better afterwards.

· Don't look at results but consider the whole process:

This is true if you're disappointed about a project, because we tend to focus on immediate results. Think that the no-results state is only temporary. Look at what you are doing as a whole process. Your only job is planning the process well, so that in the end it brings you the results you expect. See it this way and you will find it easier to keep on the positive attitude.

· Trust that everything will be all right:

When everything else seems to fall apart, trusting that everything will be all right is the best exercise for your mind and soul. Feel the overwhelming calmness when you feel the trust. Maintaining a positive attitude is a good starting point to enjoy a great life.


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