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Task accomplishment is very crucial in work progress as we are given few tasks to finish as soon as possible and sometimes time factor is another headache. There are several ways to improve our work productivity.

Effective communication certainly can save precious time for workers and the boss if we already have the same frequency and understand the needs from the beginning. If we have the idea of what we need to achieve and do, it is basically will be a winning situation for all. 

Tasks usually come one shot at a go, which left us to handle them based on our capabilities. We can filter our option and rate the tasks to the difficulties and importance so we can roughly go through the details at once. Then we can try to manage the tasks more easily by arranging our time and capability to minimize stress. Usually, people will tackle on the things that they struggle first. Do develop a routine task at certain hour of the day and stick with it. It is essential as you can still have time to take care of other matters of your work while you are still coping with that big task. Though we tend to become overwhelmed by the focus sometimes, we do not postpone action unnecessary regarding the work. Time is precious and waste no time.

Working condition also plays a vital role. A minimalist work set up area can provide a favorable environment that is soothing and harmonious. It can give you inspiration to work faster. Disorganized set up with extra gadgets can become annoying and affect out psychology and work pace. 

The balance of quality from your work depends largely on ourselves as everything comes from us. To achieve quality work, we must be confident about our work. The secret recipe is our attitude towards our work. If we learn to love our job, then we will appreciate our role to perfect our contribution and value of our work. 

Other than that, productivity surveys have shown that increased worker satisfaction and motivation can increase output like paid incentives, benefits, better quality working life and resource management human techniques.

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