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I am a CA Final Student and after posting Step by Step Procedure of filing TDS Return, I have been receiving lots of messages and comments and most of them are asking for a detailed explanation of filing revise TDS Return.

Once you have filed TDS Return, there are different corrections that you can make which are as follows:

C1 Update deductor or employer’s personal details like Name, Address, etc.
C2 Revise challan details like challan serial number, BSR code, challan tender date, challan amount
C3 Update, delete or add deductee or employee details
C4 Add or delete salary detail records
C5 Revise the PAN number of the deductee or employee in salary details
C9 Add a new challan and subsequently other deductees

And there are two modes through which we can correct TDS Return. One is Oline and the other is Offline. But we cannot make corrections of all the errors online. 

Errors which can be corrected online are:

1- Challan details errors like challan serial number, BSR Code, Challan Number, Challan Date, Challan amount

2- Add a new challan

But to make other corrections, you have to go for Offline mode.

Here is the procedure of filing Revise TDS Return through Offline Mode:

1- The very first step is to download Consolidated Statement for which you have to file request on Traces. The process to file request for Consolidated File is-

a- Log in to traces and then go to Statements/ Payments.

b- Click on "Request for Conso File" and then fill in the details of the quarter and financial year and form for which you need conso file.

c- Then fill in the KYC Details and your request will be filed and a request number will be generated.

It usually takes 1 working day for a consolidated file to be made available for downloading.

Then after 1 day, you can go to the Requested Download and then write the request number and then if the status shows "Available" then it means you can download it now. (In case you have forgotten request number, you can click on view all)

d- Now after downloading Conso File, you have to unzip the file. Password for Conso File is "TAN_REQUEST NUMBER". 

e- Then you have to open RPU and then click on correction and then click on Import Conso file and then click on Continue.

f- Then the original return filed by you will be opened.

g- If you want to correct general details, then you can click on Upadte and update the details.

h- If you want to update challan details then click on particular challan and select "Update" and the same goes for deductee details.

Then follow the same process of creating file and validating it by FVU which i have explained in earlier steps.


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