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Recently the IPCC results were out.

This article sets out one straight message for those who could not clear: Do not give up.
The Earlier you make up your mind the better.

Deal with failure as if it never happened. In the beginning it hits. Doing the same subjects again particularly portions you did not like, is a bit tuff. And often the biggest fear that stays in our subconscious is that would we be able to match our last time preparation?

The answer to this does not lie in a yes or no. But what you tell yourself. If you tell yourself that I'm doing better than last time, slowly it becomes the motive behind you trying again. Your determination aptly reflects in your results.

I had friends i never thought would pass but have cleared both groups. I even have friends whom i expected to clear both groups. But they could clear none. When i see such surprising results i do not get startled. But often amazed as it very much reiterates the fact that if you are determined, CA is your degree. Ofcourse, spare a bit for the luck element too.

We often hear that People work for hours without sleep. Is it just because they are pressurized? Or only because they have a deadline to meet?

Sometimes, it is often because the way they have moulded themselves. Because their conviction is too strong to render them weak.

As CA students, we must develop the ability to take initiative. Do not shy from a responsibility. Do not escape from a challenge. Instead take a step ahead and accept it. Get the job done. And IMPORTANTLY, do not leave it on tomorrow or even the next hour. We often ask others to do something that we want to "ASAP" So when it comes to doing our own tasks for ourselves, why leave it for tomorrow. Because you want to listen to music right now? Or even chat with someone or play candy crush.

Remember you have to be your own motivator. Infact I'd even go on to say that instead of upsetting yourselves, motivate people around you. This is something ive mentioned in my previous articles too, that it is often while helping others, we find our own solutions. Life has many challenges waiting. This was just a failure. You could let your failure deprive you. Or you could let it define you.

And trust me, once you accept a failure it would continue to deprive you. You would waste time wondering about things that would be much irrelevant if you'd spend the same time studying. And if you choose to quit, you won't get the degree. Degree counts as much as the knowledge does.

So what is the right way to deal with a failure?

Bas mann mein thann lo. Khud ko kahi pahuchana h. Halaton se ladna h aur khud ko prove karna h. Regenerate hope within yourself. Choose to be positive, no matter what. And your next crusade would be in front of you to embark upon.

Aashayein, tu aaj na haar
Umeedon pe tika sansar
Phir mushkil nahi kuch bhi
Nahi CA bhi !

" Failure is not Falling but Refusing to get up"

"If something stands between You and your Success. MOVE IT. Never be Denied" Dwayne the Rock Johnson

All the best!


Published by

Aditya Shah
(CA Final student)
Category Exams   Report

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