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Dear CS Professional Students,

Many Thanks for your Appreciation of my Article on How to Deal with CS Final Advance Tax on CACLUBINIDAI have received Many Requests from students to Provide Guidance on the only Practical Subject in CS Professional Level i.e FINANCIAL, TREASURY & FOREX MANAGEMENT as many of you faced difficulties in clearing this subject. So, I have prepared this article which will try to help you making an strategy to clear the FTFM Subject.


We all worry a lot about this subject reason behind it are: Unpredictable Practical’s and Forex ! but if you like reading theory there is good news for you, 50- 60 marks theory 40 – 50 marks sums are asked so if you don’t have sums up to your preparation in exams theory will be of great help for you.

Having said that what’s my experience with this paper is until and unless you get Sums of 40 marks 100% Correct you cannot pass this paper. “Too much of theory spoils the mood of the examiner!”. The paper is actually meant to be a practical paper, though the Institute is liberal enough to ask theoretical questions. So, focus more on sums you can hate them but you can’t ignore them !

By solving sums too you can score with if you present them well with proper working notes and formulas. You need to provide about all the assumptions you have taken and the formulas applied along with their full forms. Leave no chance for the examiner to deduct your marks. Avoid assuming of step marks that’s up to examiner whether he will award you or not. Attempt only those sums in which you are 100% Confident.

Reading theory for FM can be a wise decision because questions cannot be twisted. Lot of repeated questions from past papers so, YOU MUST GO THROUGH THE SCANNER !. You can note down some 100 -120 distinguish between questions. Out of which 5 will definitely come. 20 marks is straight away up for grabs. You should aim at least 15-16 here.  Even under the new syllabus the questions will remain same though the marks per question will defer.

While Revising the theory part analyze the way the answers are being answered. There is no need to write lengthy answers. It’s a Huge Misconception in CS Students that Lengthy Answers fetch More Marks. Avoid this practice. No examiner has so much time to read them ! Try to Write answers in Point wise form or Bullet Form or in Paragraphs. So it’s easy to read and you get better marks due to Points. 

In FM Exams first try solving the practical’s which you are sure you can solve reason behind this is you can retain formulas which you revise just before exam for less time than the theory. Even solving Sums correctly give you confidence that you are going to get Full marks for the paper solved. After you are done with practical’s start the theory portion. You should not allot more than 1 hr. for theory portion even if its having 50 marks, here you can write fast and cover up the valuable time you spent on the Practical portion.

If you are against theory practice more and more sums especially working capital, capital budgeting, CAPM Model& dividend policy and cost of capital, Portfolio Management, Forex Management (Currency Coneversion Sums)  Opportunities for scoring are high here so utilize it.

IMP: I would advise you to attempt the 20 marks sums only if you are fully confident because incase its wrong damage caused is irreversible ! In Every attempt the sums asked are alternate to the one asked in previous exams so make a chart of the pattern in which the institute is preparing the question paper this will help you predict the imp. Chapters for the ensuing attempt ! Like if there’s a 20 Marks sum for Working capital in June 2015 then the chances are in next attempt Dec 2015 the question of 20 marks will be from Cap. Budgeting (or the Marks allotted and type of sum will not be same as before). Same is in case of Cost of Capital and Leverage.. The type of question asked in one attempt will be different not the one asked in the next attempt. So prepare smartly instead of revising each and every thing !

If you are from Kolkata Practice sums from CA Manish Raj Dhandharia Sir’s Mat. Or if you don’t have this available  you can practice sums from the scanner and refer CA Final Level sums. "Practice is the only key to the practical’s."

Forex: Most of us neglect forex thinking its though and beyond our limits. But, trust me if you really want to clear this subject you have to practice forex sums , try to remember the formulas and solve sums practice makes you perfect. You need to have a conceptual approach for the forex part and sums asked from this part are small and can fetch you high marks with less risks. The sums asked here are small and are based on formulas. So, Make a note of all the formulas and practice the sums thrice and you will get confidence to crack them in exams. What I did in my exam was I started my answers from forex part this gives an impression to the examiner that the examinee has talent and confidence to attempt the toughest first instead of going for theory. Sometimes you need to play with the mind of examiner and make him feel that you are worthy to be passed in the subject. Trust me such smart decisions help. !

Best of Luck ! yes

CS Rahul Harsh - An Associate Member of the ICSI and A Commerce Graduate from Kolkata, Currently employed with Aanchal Ispat Limited as an Assistant Company Secretary.

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