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Information Technology:  In IPC 50 marks has been covered by information technology and this is point where students get frustrated as its a technical part so additional work is required for the same. How to Score in Information Technology: For scoring good in IT u should follow the below mentioned criteria as the same was followed by me in my IPC time.

a. Its very important to have a short note of all the definitions and short questions as these cover approx 8-9 marks and generally it definition was very specific so not short cut can be applied here (Most important from IT fundamentals and network)

b. Network & Security is the base of any IT as without that u would not be able to do any thing. So you cannot left any single point in networking chapter as it would cover approx 10-15 Marks 

c. After network the most concerned area is chapter 5 which will cover 5-8 marks in each attempt so u should study in a detailed way.

d. The other chapter are also important but the above mentioned chapter should be revised first. • Make your own code as a example." There are seven layers in OSI model and at the last time student forget at what level which model exist so you can make a short code as - please do not touch Steve's pet alligator which means physical, data link, network, transport, session, presentation & Application" As this short codes will help you in retaining it.

Strategic Management: In IPC 50 marks has been covered by Strategic Management but this is much easy area than IT as the said area you have already in your college time.

How to Score in Strategic Management: For scoring good in SM you should know what is actually the meaning of strategy and how it works as somewhere IT is link with Strategy (Eg- IT Strategy Committee - Here you should have knowledge of both of IT and SM) 

a. Study Material is designed in beautiful manner and its better to follow the order as given there.

b. Business Environment, Business policy and Strategic management are the pillars of SM as half of the questions were asked from the same chapter.

c. First have a plain reading of the chapter and later on make a short note for the same because at the last time only the short notes will help you.

d. After completing chapter 1 and chapter 2 read the rest chapters in reverse order.

e. After completing chapters try to solve the questions available in Practice manual, RTP & in MTP and judge where you stand at that time.

Reference Books: Its important to pick right book at right time because we have very limited time to study as institute material is more than sufficient but if you want you can refer other writers book mentioned below.

Study Material of ICAI
Practice Manual of ICAI
R M Jha book for Information Technology
P S Rathore book for Strategic Management

General Tips for Examination:

a. The answers should be written in bullets.

b. Never make so long paragraphs.

c. Write questions all parts at same place.

d. Always be consign and write point to point, just don't write to fill the page as it will not help you.

e. Always present diagrams while writing the answers if possible.

Now let us talk about ISCA: In Final most of the students not able to clear there exams because of ISCA as it require a detailed understanding of Information technology.

How to Prepare ISCA: For clearing ISCA you need to study from study material of ICAI as only it will help you to crack it in first attempt

a. Start reading study material on daily basis with a minimum of 15 pages a day and revise it on daily basis

b. Make your own short codes as a example - in Concept of governance there are three type of governance Evaluate, Monitor & Direct governance which can be remember as "EDM”

c. Make your short notes as it will help you at the time of your examination.

d. Chapter 5,7 & 8 should be revised first

All the best
God Bless you

Note: We have also uploaded Complete plan for preparation of both groups IPC in 2 months.


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