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Hello friends,

I would like to share with you how we can tackle group discussion (i.e. GD). GD is an important part of interviews and most of us don't know how to survive in GD. First of all we should know that GD is not done for selecting candidates. GD is an elimination round. After reading this article you will be able to crack GD.

I have divided the topic in two categories:

1. When we know about the topic given to us for GD.
2. When we don't know anything about the topic.

I. When we know about the topic given to us for GD:

Normally 5-10 minutes are given to prepare for topic. In this time we should write down 4-6 points about the topic. We will not have much time during the discussion; hence preparing more than 6 points is not advised. The person who initiates and concludes the discussion is given more points. Therefore you should try to initiate the discussion. The introduction should be concise and relevant to the topic. We can put two or three points and let the discussion begin. You have to give some hot matter so that discussion catches fire. Make eye contact with every participant. It must not look like a one to one discussion.

If we are getting good chance then we should keep the discussion going on. Avoid screaming during the discussion. Let others scream and fight on the topic initiated by you. If you see that others are fighting and screaming, it is the time to show your leadership skills. What you have to do is that you should stop them from making the discussion as fish market and politely offer chance to some other person to share his opinion. During the discussion there may be situation that somebody else has placed the point which you wanted to introduce.

Don't lose patience. If you have any other points left which is not covered, introduce that point immediately. If no other point is left and you are not able to make a new then simply mould the point introduced by some other person and present it in an attractive way. Finally, you should be the one who concludes the discussion. You should simply say that the given topic is debatable and we can spend hours on this topic. Therefore, we should conclude the discussion. If you have done this all, you are definitely in.

II. When we don't know anything about the topic:

This is the very common situation. In this situation you don't have any matter on the topic. Hence we should not initiate the discussion. Don't worry still you can win the battle. Wait for others to speak. Start making points out of the points placed by the others. Don't take too much time in putting your points. Don't forget to conclude the discussion.


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Shaurabh Gupta
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