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HOW TO COPE FAILURE – PART 2 by Dashrath Maheshwari

Dear Students,

This is in continuation with article HOW TO COPE PCC FAILURE by CA SUDHIR HALAKHANDI.

I want to tell you about me. I was in a big CA firm of that time and there were only 12 Sundays for me to clear 10 Sunday Tests as the maximum audits was out of my city. I have cleared one group of the Intermediate (Now PCC/IPCC) during articleship as the time for study was less and I could not joined the coaching classes. I have taken excessive leave due to family reasons and certainly the training was extended.

But-natural, the money was the matter that time to study and I have joined a small company to be able to born my expenses.

I was of the thought that the percentage of results is fixed and it is on the institute to pass a student and to stop a student. ‘BUT’

One day before 10-12 days of examination, one of my friend said to his friend “This is the guy, who is doing CA but I bet he can not”. Our common friend told me about that. You will surprise that I have cleared that examination without so much study. That was the turning point for me, I thank to my ‘that’ friend for his contribution.

What I have done? I thought if the results is 5% means someone is getting pass certificate, then why not me? What these passing students do?

Dear friend, failure in CA examinations is not same as failure in other examinations. As you all aware that if someone get total 400 marks without having less then 40 in any of subject, will get a pass certificate but if a person gets 399, I mean only 1 less then passers, he/she will be declared fail.

After the 7 rest days of your failure results, in first two days, you have to calculate your core areas and less interest areas in the course curriculum. Try to identify them and attack on the core and interest areas to grab 10-20 more marks. Then carve up the boring course material in chunks, now make a schedule to give them daily one hour out of best time of the day. Like you can give morning 6.30 to 7.30 (Don’t follow the clock yaar, If you found interesting topic, keep continue)

These are 10 suggestions for three month’s study time:

  1. No movies during working days in any case (Even you got a free ticket)
  2. Don’t get upset on comments passed on you, be cool…
  3. Consume 3 to 4 litre water each day and keep a jug of water near you at the time of study.
  4. No cigarettes, no intoxicant, no beer/ no cold drinks.
  5. Manage mom/dad’s work on Sundays.
  6. Don’t pick your last papers for assessment or answer, start a revision instead.
  7. Keep yourself cool and don’t hesitate to ask a query to brilliant students near you.
  8. No net, no chat (Except for updating yourself for 10-20 Minutes preferably during office time, I will suggest and caclubindia).
  9. Discuss subjects like law/AS/Audit/IDT or theoreticals; with your friends.
  10. Eat fruits/green vegetables/ low fat eatables/ rice etc. and Drink water/juces/ coconut milk etc.


I thank to CA Sudhir sir for extending support wording and encouragement to students.

I also thank to student for reading this article and invite to comment on this to improve further.

All the best


Dashrath Maheshwari


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CA. Dashrath Maheshwari
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