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Between smart phones, computers, and the urge to have fun and party hard, an individual (particularly a student) can get pulled in multiple directions. No matter what your age or your occupation is, when the occasion arises that you need to clearly focus, these external distractions can greatly hinder your learning ability and kill your precious time.

So it’s important to keep an eye on where the time goes. Below mentioned quick points may help you with your studies.

Here we go-

1. Switch off All Electronic Devices (Read Mobile Phones)

I know it sounds like climbing the Mount Everest, but trust me it’s not. At least put that thing into a silent mode.

  • Getting distracted by electronic devices eats your precious time.
  • Notifications, incoming calls and text messages are a constant distraction.
  • Declare your study space a gadget-free zone.

2. Teach Yourself Discipline

  • Any time you catch your mind wandering in the wrong direction, tell it to “stop.”
  • Disciplining your mind will take a lot of practice but soon you will be able to concentrate on your studies for a long time.
  • If a thought keeps creeping into your mind, don’t keep fighting it. Write it down on a piece of paper and deal with it later.

3. Develop a routine and stick to it.

Yes, ROUTINE. The word which we are listening since ages from our parents, teachers and a lot of people.

Without a set schedule, life can become chaotic. Our feelings become our GOD. We do only the things which give us momentary happiness. To prevent chaos from overrunning your priorities, set a routine for the whole of your study plan. When you wake up in the morning just make an overall plan of the day in your mind as to what you will be doing today. No need to run for the pen and paper for that routine. Just make a mental calculation and feel the difference in the day.

4. Set Aside Time for Worrying

It is a universal truth that we keep on worrying about the things in our mind. It is natural to worry so it is important to set aside time to do just that. Else it keeps on consuming our whole of study time. Schedule worries time into your timetable, deciding how long you are going to allow your mind to ponder the issues and at what point in the day. This trick is really helpful in each and every aspect of your life.

5. Stick to One Thing at a Time

  • Concentrate all your attention on one specific task at a time.
  • When done, move on to the next item.
  • By sticking to one thing at a time, you will improve your productivity.
  • Doing too many things at once will lead to inefficient learning.

6. Be an Active Learner

Padhna to hai hi, to kyun na interest ke saath padhe. Set realistic work goals for yourself and break down tasks into bite-size chunks so you don’t feel burnt out.

7. Visualize

It’s a very powerful tool. Visualize the good things that will come as a result of your hard work. It will give you the fuel and energy to work hard.

Above all, it is important to note that the most powerful motivation is the one which comes from inside. Think of why you are doing it, think of why you should be doing it and think of you reaching that top level.

I wish all the best to everyone in their endeavours.


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CA Ankit Agarwal
(CA, CS)
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