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Weekend arrival is just the best thing, chilling out with friends, enjoying to the fullest but for few, this is still a luxury, who have to work even on the weekend. Building a startup is a great responsibility from finding the best name for it, to building a market for it, capturing the customers; everything from a pin to plane. But everything can be achieved only if you have a good name to capture the attention of the people; from making potential customers to your actual customers.  

“Hey, woman!” or “Hie, Brian’s son” imagine someone addressing you or calling in public and knows you real close. Weird! Isn’t it. Now similarly imagine naming a company, n the same way, let’s suppose take an example of subway. If subway didn’t have the name and had a name like “Bimboway” funny isn’t. If this type of name were used instead of subway it wouldn’t have been able to succeed in the first place. So could be the situation with you, trying to find a good name for your startup.

How can you choose a good name, an attractive one for your start up?

One has to keep a lot of things in his mind with the increasing pace of the business establishments and internet as a source for the promotion to reach larger markets choosing a unique name has become a challenge

Think of a name that best describes your business

The name of your company should be relevant to your company, to the services offered. When people type the words in the search engine the links shown will be closest to the words. But watch out for the sound alikes. Avoid a name that has many alternate spellings.

It should be easy to remember

The most important aspect of choosing an attractive name for your start up it should be easy to remember. Your startup name is attractive at the same time easy will add to benefits for your company. Big famous companies take a name which is simple and easy.

Let your startup name tell your story  u

“It is not always necessary for the name that you choose for your startup will tell the story behind the coming up but if this happens it will add to the buzz and generate business”  said by Pertew owner of the Wakefield company.

Don’t be too practical

It is possible for you to be too practical while choosing a name that tells what your business does, but this can be a big disadvantage. “No one wants a tool that not just tells what the business does but they want something, a name that represents something bigger than what it does” said by Aron Frazin the CEO of the company ‘Charlie’ an app that pulls info about your contact before a meeting.


If you are planning to extend your product as a ‘Brand’ then it is desired to have a .com extension as well with your startup name. This is not only common and easy to remember but also denotes the name of the established firm.

Make sure you love it

The process of choosing a name for your company can turn into a big headache. People spend hundreds of hours thinking about that one name which will be perfect for the company. The name you choose should resonate with every time you say it.

Conclusion: - It is evident to say that one can spend ample time just for that one name but make sure the time spent should be fruitful too if not then entire efforts go vain.

The author is working as Marketing Manager at a leading website for Company Registration in India


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