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The following article lists the most important ingredients that could ensure success in your next attempt.

Before I begin with this article I would first of all like to congratulate all who have succeeded in their respective CA exams.

This article basically focuses on candidates who have unfortunately been not able to clear either CA IPCC or Final exam.

First and the foremost thing I would say is to stop repenting over what has happened and try to be futuristic.

There's no point focusing your energy on what has already happened since you won't be able to change the results as it's not in your hands.

Learn from your mistakes since if you keep on doing the same mistakes then it might result into another unsuccessful attempt.

The beauty of the Chartered Accountancy course is that it would not only award with the prestigious degree but would also inculcate in you some amazing traits which are going to help you throughout your life.

I would try to highlight those traits as I proceed with the article.

Learn to prioritize things and how to manage time. Everyone in the world has 24 hrs. a day, yet some are successful and some are not just because they were able to prioritize and have learnt the art of time management.

Positivity is another important aspect of CA journey. You have to think positive and keep away from anything that spreads negativity around you.

You have to have belief on yourself because if you don't believe yourself then you cannot expect anyone else to believe on you.

There's definitely no substitute to hard work but you have to ensure that you are working in the right direction to expect positive results.

You should rather take some time out of your day and introspect as to what went wrong and became a hurdle on your way to success.

The journey of CA is somewhat a trailer of what the life is going to be once you clear CA. It's like a roller-coaster ride with its own share of ups and downs.

Once you enter the corporate world, you cannot expect yourself to succeed at anything in just the first attempt but even then you have to get up and resume working until you reach your target.

You have to be self-motivated since if you are not self-driven, you can never clear this exam. Self-motivation is one of the most important trait of successful people and CA teaches you that through its course.

It's always disheartening to face failure but to rise like a warrior with a bang and succeed is the best thing you can do for yourself and the reward will be adding the two most prestigious letter before your name i.e. CA.

The most common mistake I have seen the candidates doing is over-dependence on coaching material. There's a new trend of taking coaching classes for every subject nowadays and most of the candidates are just going with the flow without accessing their personal requirement.

The most important material is the books provided by the institute and one should never ignore it at any cost.

The institute's book is not only important for its content but it also guides you on how to present a particular answer and from my experience I can say that presentation is what differentiate the paper of a rank holder and other candidates.

Do not compare yourself with others as it could depress you but rather try to outperform yourself as this would help you to grow more. Competing with yourself would make you complacent and help you move positively towards your goal and achieve it.

I would conclude with a famous quote: Success does not lie in 'results' but in 'efforts', being the 'best' is not that important but doing the 'best' is all that matters.


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Swati Shankar
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