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All our planning and actions revolve around us to bring this output. Output is growth. Output is the motivation. Output inspires us to perspire.

Everytime, we all are pushing ourselves hard against every odd circumstances but aren't able to catch that secret key which can unlock the treasure called output.

Elders say, Karmanye wadhika raste - Bus Karm karte jao.

My question is what is this Karma? How to do it?

Here I intend to discuss the critical aspects that define Karma. Once read, understood and implemented can surely bring out the best of output from you. If not, the least would be a self realisation as to what it is within you that is inhibiting to get what you are destined to.

The takeaways of this reading would be -

1. The Key Factors - Parameters for achieving the output.
2. Your Present  Understanding of Karma- How are we already acting upon the Factors.
3. The Output Booster - How are we supposed to act.

1. The Key Factors-

Output is a subset of two important factors -

(a) Availability of time - The Capacity
(b) Efficient utilisation of available time - The Efficiency

To achieve the output both factors have to work together. Though, there is a prioritisation. Before we discuss how to prioritise, let's elaborate a bit on The Capacity and The Efficiency.

One must know, that there is no magical wand that would give you the output. Of course, it requires input. The only input is your effort. Effort is measured in terms of time.

You already know all these, right?. I am just categorizing.

The scheduled slot of time that you allocate to do the work is The Capacity.

So, will you be able to get what you call as output just by allocating time for it?

Obviously not. You have to work through it with Focus, Dedication and Interest (F.D.I - the acronym, sounds like your favourite for Foreign Direct Investment). This is The Efficiency.

2. How are we already acting upon the Key Factors?

Interestingly, when we are intelligent enough, we first try to find a hell lot of logic as to what we want, why we want, why not we want other things, why what we want is the only thing that we can ever want, what is the appropriate time to start it, how much is the sufficient time to allocate for it, why not extra time, why not less time and so on.

I must tell you, it is strictly intellectual. Its good to handle your task intellectually but not at the cost of not being able to start the execution.

So, is it that you are intelligent like I mentioned?

How we prepare ourselves to start then?

You may find yourself in any of the below two tranches based on the approach you follow.

You have Efficiency but no Capacity. If you are in the first tranche, you have FDI (not your Foreign Direct Investment, are you seriously reading or just scrolling down?) but you are unable to allocate the time in your schedule.

You have Capacity but no Efficiency. If you are in the second tranche, you are able to allocate the time or may be you have reached the time where you have to start working on it, but you are awaiting a moment in that slot where you can give the FDI at a level of 100%.

For instance, lets talk for the students who are at final level of their career, they all know the impact and importance of just pass marks in their marksheet. They know all other intellectual logics of logics.

Some of them would be in the first tranche. Their common activities are -

(a) Checking their schedule again and again to be able to allocate the time for their study.

(b) Finding themselves busy throughout the day in other commitments like college, training, parties and

(c) When nothing to do throw themselves in front of television or

(d) If not doing any of above, then crashing themselves on bed watching ceiling or unnecessarily scrolling fingers over their smart phone

but if they are little bit serious, in the back end of their mind they would be found thinking how to find time for their studies, asking others what is the appropriate time to study, and repenting the time spent otherwise that they could have well utilised for their studies.

Another category of students who are able to cut themselves out from the wasteful time loss, but are awaiting that time within the time slot where they would be able to focus cent percent on their studies. Basically, their activities would be

(a) Searching the tranquil environment with zero noise and interruptions so that they can focus.

(b) Taking up all unimportant tasks first to ensure no disturbance from other tasks.

(c) Planning what to study during the time of study.

The objective is good enough but they need to know that what is not allowing them to start are these activities only.

Ultimately, it is realised that either the unimportant tasks or the planning have consumed most of the allocated time of their scheduled time of study. The thing is, already the time allocated is very less as compared to the time that it is supposed to be. And, in that these silly unproductive activities kills everything.

Hence,both the categories ultimately stand at par in terms of real effort.

3. THE BOOSTER- How are we supposed to act then?

As highlighted above, there are just two categorical issues for which primarily there is a common solution.

It is prioritisation. Mostly we hunt for tje perfect time for FDI but it's the other way round.

You always need to ensure The Capacity first i.e. availability of time slots for your important work. If you are not available only then how can you focus on it.

You cannot wait for a perfect time where you can work upon things Dil Se. The more you are available to do your stuffs, sooner or later, FDI comes and the moment you realise you have both the factors, you get the booster. I am sure all your work would be done. You would get your output.

Booster = Capacity + Efficiency

Whenever you are tested in real world, say in a job interview or by your clients who are about to sign a big project with you, what they evaluate is your Capacity. We say generally then for that person, "Boss.. issue dumm hai.." This "dumm" is your capacity. If your capacity (time available for work) is huge enough, they are rest assured as they know, sooner or later, you would be efficient in handling the tasks assigned to you.

Increasing the capacity is also very important. You cannot sustain with the capacity that you presently have.You don't need any medical help for this.

It's just a matter of practice. You have to learn doing a bit extra every day over what you are doing at present. A bit every day is also enough to exponentially boost your capacity. But, everyday is important.

There is a wonderful mathematical calculation that explains it all -
(0.99)^365 = 0.02

Interpreted as your present effort at 99% for 365 days counts the output only to 2%.
(1.01)^365 = 37.8

An increase of your effort from present 99% to 101% but for everyday of 365 days boosts your output to 3780%.

Can you imagine the leap?
If you can, you already got The Secret Booster!

Would be glad to read your opinion on above. Just sign up/login and write to me below.


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Satish Jalan
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