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........So if you clicked on the link expecting some ‘mantra’ then please stop reading and get back to studies and if you clicked without thinking (as I do most of the times) or thinking anything other than a manta then please keep reading.

We all (okay not all, most of us), at some point agree that luck is an important factor in clearing CA exams. How some people sometimes study relatively less and still get through. Yes I know your best friend watched all the cricket matches, did not miss a single movie and still managed clear – not fair , so is life.

While I or for that matter any sane person under the Sun (yes, by implication I am taking the liberty of calling myself sane), would not dispute the role of hard work in clearing exams but sometimes you just need to do small things to get those ‘easy points’ on the exam. These ‘easy points’ is what I call luck and ask anyone who is wasting six months for 5 marks in aggregate, he would tell you how true it is.

Through this small article, I am trying to list down few such points which in my experience can bring you some luck on the exams. These are general areas which most of us know are important to cover but tend to ignore or forget under pressure then see them on the exam papers and wish only if we were a bit more lucky.

1.      Latest amendments: ICAI is in love with asking questions related to the latest amendments may it be tax or corporate laws or accounting standards. Make sure you know each of the latest amendments; these could mean some easy points on the exams – Okay, this was common sense.


Now the ‘un’common sense, while most of us cover it in the attempt when it just became applicable, it is equally important to be thorough with them for the next 1- 2 attempts. For instance if an amendment was first applicable in May 2010; when you are preparing for Nov 2010 be extra careful to cover them as we tend for forget/ignore these.


2.      Revision Test Papers: Most of us do these anyways for those who don’t, please solve them. In my experience, RTP questions/concepts have a high probability of being tested on the exams. Also check if you can get the RTP for the last two –three attempts, they also provide a good collection of testable questions/concepts; if nothing they atleast provide a good refresher of key concepts.


Again special emphasis for repeating candidates, make that extra effort to arrange the RTP and solve them.


3.      The ‘only ICAI study material areas’: There are always certain very small topics/concepts which are only discussed in the ICAI material, just flip through the material once and see if you can find something testable on the exams.


4.      Latest case laws from recent newsletters: This is specially applicable to the Final students. Browse through the last 6-12 months ICAI newsletter, there might be some interesting case laws, which could be tested on the exams.


Even if these are not tested, you can refer them to make your answer sheet stand out from the crowd – that is what counts at the end.


5.      Be good, be positive: Would being positive and being good help you pass the exam? – I don’t know. .....Still be good to people, be positive and have faith in whichever power you believe in. This generates positive energy in your body and mind and makes you feel comfortable handling the exam pressure; sometimes luck is just a matter of perception isn’t it?


Having said the above, we all know well that there is no substitute for working hard and putting that extra effort to succeed. As someone rightly said


“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”


Work hard, have faith!


All the Best.

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