How to Automate your e-Way Bill generation?

Ankita Mathur , Last updated: 15 May 2018  

The latest compliance requirement in the GST era is the e-way generation for movement of goods. To help companies fully automate this process and have the least amount of human intervention, H&R Block has launched 'Smart e-Way Bill Manager'. This automated manager helps the users to create, cancel and update many e-Way Bills in a single go. Before introducing this smart manager, let us understand, 'Why is e-Way Bill required?' and 'What is e-Way Bill?'

'Why' and 'What' is e-Way Bill?

e-Way Bill is a document generated on the government portal to be carried by a person in charge of conveyance and is introduced with the main objective of digitizing the logistics and transport sector and to eliminate checkpoints at state borders. Another objective of introduction of e-Way bill by the government is to speed up the movement of goods and make the transit process more robust.  It will also be considered as an important mechanism to check tax evasion under GST by the government. e-Way Bill is an electronic bill required for moving the consignment of goods whose value exceeds Rs. 50,000 and is generated by either the supplier or transporter or receiver

About 'Smart e-Way Bill Manager'

'Smart e-Way Bill Manager' is designed to help the industry get ready for e-Way bill under GST regime. It integrates smartly with your company's existing ERP without making any modifications and provides a single and user-friendly interface to generate e-Way bills. It is designed and developed by a team of Technologists and Tax Analysts which makes the transition smooth and focuses on solving the pain points faced by companies. We auto validate all the information like Customer GSTIN, HSN, Transporter ID, Vehicle no etc. before generation of the e-Way bill and provides the clients with error report. Customization is also possible in case of any additional requirement by the clients.

How we solve Companies Challenges?

Challenges faced by Companies

Solution provided by 'Smart e-Way Bill Manager'

Difficulty in integrating existing ERP with e-Way Bill solution.

Supports clients by integrating their ERPs via API, SMTP or SFTP.

No interface to create, update or cancel of bulk e-Way Bills in single go.

Our solution provides a user-friendly interface where users can generate, update or cancel bulk E-Way Bills.

Duplication of E-Way bill on same document number within same GSTIN.

It restricts e-Way bill re-generation on same document number until previous e-Way bill gets expired.

Calculating distance is another tedious task between two locations.

Calculates distance with help of Google APIs between different locations.

Clients with multiple GSTINs need to login separately to generate e-Way Bills.

Single application is provided to access multiple GSTINs to generate e-Way Bills

No intimation about the delivery of goods or consignment to the final destination that is the receiver of consignment.

Company's customer can mark the goods as 'delivered' and status can be shared with the clients on a real-time basis.

Lack of communication in case of e-Way bill created, cancelled, rejected etc.

Alerts send by way of mail when e-Way bill created, rejected or cancelled by company's customer.

Other Features of 'Smart e-Way Bill Manager'

  • Automatic E-mail and SMS alerts in case of e-Way bill generated, cancelled, expired.
  • Bulk generation, print and update of transport details in e-Way bills.
  • Creation of different e-Way bills - Single, bulk, and consolidated.
  • Various type of MIS reports for - Generated, Cancelled and Rejected e-Way Bills
  • Dashboard for quick overview of e-Way bills generated, cancelled and rejected GSTIN wise.
  • Application automatically pushes data to the government portal to create e-Way bills via APIs.
  • Multiple User & access management

The features of our product make it an amazing solution for all the challenges that you may face while generating e-Way bills.

To automate the e-Way bill process and to get a free trial version, call us on 020-71177173 or write to us at

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