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Many of us know the answer of a question but in exams we get confused what to write, from where we have to start, how long we have to attempt the theoritical answer, how much gap we have to leave if we r unable to answer the que...........etc......etc........


Here, r some points which will helps u to get alonwith good marks in theoritical subjects:

  1. Answer to the point and be brief. Valuator does not have ample time to read your answer paper thoroughly. They will abundantly make use of scanning technique.

  2. Present your points as a list wherever possible. This will increase the chances of the point being read by the valuator. Number the points numerically instead of alphabetically.
  3. Questions that use words such as describe and discuss require longer narrative answers. Present such answers in paragraphs with appropriate headings.
  4. Present examples and illustrations frequently.
  5. Underline key words in your answers. This is a must to enhance of your point being noticed by the valuator
  6. Tabulate the comparative points (in a columnar fashion), when you answer questions asking for comparison of alternatives, techniques, opinions, etc.
  7. Avoid writing long and descriptive answers that take up yours as well as valuator time. They test the patience of the valuator and it is risky to do so.
  8. When you forget some points when writing the examination, leave some space and start a new answer. You can return later and complete the previous answer when you recollect the points.
  9. In the case of law, if you are sure of the case laws and sections, provide these in the answer sheet.
  10. Final students will be expected to give practical examples, application areas and good criticism of the subject matter (in applicable topics).



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