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Compared to our parents who typically stayed in a job all their life, our generation tends to keep moving!

At the beginning of our career, we all want to learn, develop our skills and it is always advisable to switch jobs after 2-3 years before you get into the so called 'COMFORT ZONE'.

Here are some tips as how to switch jobs and how to successfully get into a role you desire.

1. Always search for a new job while you are in your current job-
The search for a new job can take a while, and for a Chartered Accountant it usually takes about 2-3 months to find a job you desire which fulfils all your conditions (Job Profile, 30 percent increment, work-life balance etc.).If your job is truly horrible and you can't take it, then only consider quitting as it is easier to get a job when you are already employed.

2. Touch up your resume-
Do not forget to update your Resume with the new certificates you have obtained, new tasks you have learned in your current job, the format of the resume should be attractive and should not be so long that the recruiter loses interest.  Also, provide your LinkedIn profile link in your resume! Do not forget to update your LinkedIn profile as well as nowadays recruiters also go through your LinkedIn profile.

3. Update your resume and profile in various job portals-
After updating the resume, the next step is to create your profile and update the resume in the following job portals:-


Make sure you have updated your Resume in all the available job portals.

Updating your profile and resume in not enough, you have to apply for relevant jobs every day!

One of the hacks is keeping your profile updated, you need to refresh/update your profile in all the websites so that your profile catches eyes of the recruiters!! This is Mandatory!!

Be Prepared with the basic HR Questions-
Be Prepared! You can get a call for interview anytime by the HR. Brush up your interview skills and be prepared for the basic questions. Most common questions which the recruiter asks are:-

  • Briefly describe your Job Profile?
  • Name of the organization which you are currently associated with!
  • What is your Notice Period?
  • What is your Current CTC (Variable & Fixed)?
  • What is your Expected CTC?
  • Why are you looking for Job Change?
  • Whom do you report to?
  • How many employees report to you?

Be Prepared with the Technical Questions-
Always schedule the interview within 2-3 days gap, so you get enough time for preparation for the interview.

  • Be well versed with your current profile, all the day to day tasks you do, as mostly the recruiter will raise questions related to your current profile!
  • Be updated with the Latest amendments/notifications as per your job profile.
  • Do some research about the company like nature of business, turnover etc. for which you are appearing the interview for.
  • Learn about the interviewer (provided if you have the details) which will give you a brief idea of the questions he can ask.

You wouldn't give anyone else permission to limit you. Don't give your employer the right to limit you, either. Instead take the wheel and drive your own career- wherever it wants to go but with patience!


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