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1. Substance over form

If someone is doing something, don't focus on what (form) he is doing always focus on WHY (substance) is he doing.

Suppose if the teacher is scolding you in front of all students, don't blame teacher, analyze why is he scolding me, what will he get by scolding me. he is trying to change me, he is trying to show me the right path.

2. Matching concept

Everyone wants to be successful but what are they doing to be successful. Are their actions justifying their success? The answer is NO.

If you want to achieve what others can't achieve then you will have to do, what others don't want to do. Your actions/efforts much match with the success/result you want to achieve.

3. Going Concern

Always think long term. Take Career as a way of life. Career is not an exam. Don't take it a short term goal. Your approach should be to achieve long term success. so focus on conceptual understanding rather than marks.

Your marks don't guarantee success. But conceptual understanding deserves success. Don't aim to just pass and exam because real life starts after exams.

4. Accrual

Do what is in your hands. Don't wait for the outcome, it has to come. You take the efforts i.e. study and work hard, you will surely get success. it will accrue by today's effort.

Study regularly. it's never wasted. it builds over a period of time. everyday counts.

"Karam karta ja, fal ki chinta mat kar."


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