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Gentlemen and Gentle Ladies(principle of equality you see)...:P

Yup, Sunshine is back with yet another article..As per my won't, I won't be delivering a boring lecture (not my forte)...boring lage to bhi padh lena..bahut mehnat se likha hai..hihihihihi...

Be it intermediate, CPT, IPCC , I have been continuously asked a rather irritating question.."HOW MANY HOURS DO YOU STUDY DAILY?"...And guess what.?. I keep on varying my answer as per the digestive capacity of the seeker..It generally varies in between 8 and 10 hours..But the truth is I never study for more than 6 hours a day;)...



Oh come on!!!..A kid has so many other works to do right?

This age (or any age for that matter) is not meant to study like fanatics...


There are people who study from 4 am in the morning (yar how do you manage to get up so early?) right till midnight....But History speaks for itself, Megalomaniacs never succeed in their endeavors...and even if the bookworms do succeed, they got nothing left in them to enjoy the flavour of their success.;(..

What I am trying to point out is that sitting and turning the pages of the books for 15-18 hours a day won't fetch u anything but boredom, obesity and exasperation. What really matters is the number of hours you are "Actually STUDYING"...This ostensive study period of 15-20 hours needs to be replaced with effective study of 7-8 hours and the rest of the time you can utilise for your refreshment and enjoyment..This effective study can do wonders to your  knowledge level which 18-20 hours of futile sitting and yawning can never achieve..zzzzzzz.

There needs to be a transformation from your unproductive hours to some serious study...Yah I am here to help you out with this too ( I am too good you see )...

1. Continuous breaks- In my entire life I never studied more than an hour at one stretch..I interrupt my teachers even when they go for extended lectures for a 5 minute break because it starts to overflow after a certain level( overflow hone lagta hai .. chote se dimag me kitna ghusega ek baar me?;().. So take regular breaks as per your level of endurance...So many things you can do in 5-10 minutes just to rejuvenate your senses...So enjoy a bit so that your brain can enjoy the books..

2.Solving techniques- While practicing practical questions  there are people who jot down each and every point with all the formatting as if you are in an exam hall or something...No need to do are solving it for the sake of practice at home...Do it precisely (neatly though)..This will help you increase your speed as well and won't eat up your time mind you..and if you are habituated of solving the answers in a jiffy , it can do wonders at time of revision in the exam hall..

3. Stop Being Stubborn- If you are not able to solve a particular question, it manifests the question doesn't want itself to get solved at that point of time..Don't run after it like crazy..leave it at that moment and come back to it after an hour to see if the question has softened by itself or not...If you get stubborn, the question will also retaliate....

Just remember you are not studying for the sake of showing others that you are an ardent learner.....Be an enjoying learner...make your studies a matter of pleasure for you and your scores will say the rest...!!:D

Manage your time, after all time is money right!!!

See I too got tired typing..need a break...will be back after sometime with something new...Till then, bye...

Best Regards,

Sneha :D

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