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It is very painful to hear, but the fact is the courageous? Terrorist have attacked on Mumbai, the “Financial Capital” of our country, once again.


This situation highlights some points again & again.

Whether our countries security system is not so good?

Whether our government is not so strong?


Whether our government policies are not good?


Whether our politicians do not bother about such attacks on common man known as “Aam Aadmi”?

& Many more like this.


I think it’s not that our security system is not good as our soldiers fight all the time for our lives.

We are thankful to them all the time.


But at some point, there seems to be lack of control on borders, which allows terrorist an easy access to India via sea or road & such other means.  

As we know many of slum areas in Mumbai are occupied by Bangladeshis’ & we don’t have any control on such illegal residents. This ruling government is responsible for this.  As we know that “Unique ID card” is made compulsory by them to all people in India. They are giving these to Bangladeshis’ too.

This in turn will give all such illegal residents, the right to live in India & destroy our resources, which are already in scarcity.

Just because the ruling govt. wants to increase their VOTE BANK at any cost, even at Aam Aadmi of India too. They think, our lives are so “Aam” i.e. so cheap or valueless. This shows that our govt. policies regarding Law & Regulations as well as Security of Nation are not so good. So in turn, our enemies take the benefits out of it and become courageous to attack on us in our home.

Many of us might have heard or read one of our young leader and so called future Prime Ministers’ statement.  From this, it seems that our politicians do not really bother about such attacks as they think this is usual & can happen again. Also these are just 1% cases and they have saved us in 99% cases.

I really want to salute his attitude.!! This means they have saved our whole nation from destruction.

Otherwise we all would have been finished & I’m able to write this because of them as they have done an Ehsaan” on us by saving 99% of attacks.!!


Have we ever heard that any of our politicians or their closed once got hurt in such attacks?

I think the answer is “NO” & most of you will agree with it. Might be because of this, they are not getting the intensity of heat after such attacks. So they tend to use even the amounts declared to victims of such attacks & not provide the benefits to them on time. As I recently read in newspaper that the victims or their families who suffered in “26/11”attack, still not got the help.

This doesn’t mean that such attacks should happen on politicians too but unless this happen with them, they will not understand the real intensity of it.

Instead of that, they are providing Ajmal Kasab, security & other facilities by spending Rs. 10 crore or more every year. If he would have been in other country, definitely they would have hanged him till death, in a public place. But here in India, they have given him few more years to live & he is living happily. On 13th July, it was his birthday and I think the terrorist might have celebrated it in this way & given him such a gift.


All of us Hope that our politicians should not make this an issue & blame game out of this for the politics only and rather that just speaking out, start taking action actually. Only changing the Ministers will not solve the problems. All of them should work collectively.


This attack has once again proved that terrorist have no humanity, no relations. What they have is just cruel thinking & working like that only.

May God give them eternal rest and may their soul rest in peace to all those, who lost their lives in the blast and strength to their families.

I pray that this should not happen with any of us.


Oh GOD, please let there be a Peace, Happiness, Joy, Prosperity, Unity & most important – Humanity in our lovely Nation & whole Earth.!!



Nyati sKY….

Published by

Saurabh N. Nyati
(Asst. Manager - Audit)
Category Others   Report

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