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First of all, Wishing you all a Happy independence day! smiley

Let us thank and take a bow for our freedom fighters (Real Heroes) because of whom we are independent today! 

*Taking a bow and saluting* enlightened

How Independent are you? surprise

Are you really Independent? Our soldiers and fighters got us Independence from the British rule as we all know, But are we Independent on our thoughts? Are we are on our own? Do you follow yourself or you want to follow some other person? yes

Let's check if we are Independent:

1. Accept what you are today. (Acceptance is the key)

2. Believe in yourself.  smiley

3. Be Emotionally Independent (No one wants/really cares if we are always cribbing about something) angel

4. Be Cheerful (Many people like to surround themselves around cheerful people. More positivity More Happiness) smiley

5.  Forgive and Forget (Move on. No one can hinder your happiness without your concern).

6. Be your own hero (Experiment things and learn from it, You are the king of your life) cool

7. Self- Motivation (Rely upon yourself for the motivation and encouragement. Trust me, it is the key to success) enlightened

8. Planning your routine (Plan your day according to your schedule. People who are most dependent on others, allow their worlds to revolve around the needs of other people/things. Don't be one among them) 

9. What others think about you is not important (What you think about yourself matters always).

10. Gossip is a waste of time (People who gossip has their own limitation of achieving things and they end up talking ill. You want to join them?) wink

11. Spread Love and Peace smiley

12.  Do not allow bad influences to ruin you (If anyone seems unfair/not trust worthy, be it a known person/friend, decide whether the relationship is healthy. If not, move on. Be cautious, there may be haters in the name of friends. You are not a bonded labour to anyone. You have the freedom to select the good and cleanse your mind and heart.) cool

13. Have a passion in life (without passion, life is boring and we tend to concentrate on unnecessary things and end up messing our lives.) enlightened

14. Stay cool and calm

15. Help others 

16. You are unique (Do not compare yourself with others. You are your strength.) cool

It is in our hands to be Independent in our own lives. Let us try to be Independent and enjoy the 'Real' Freedom, only then we have attained the 'Real Independence'  heart

Jai Hind! Happy Independence day Again!


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