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What we feel of ourselves, we release it to the universe. And the universe sends it back to us. In varied forms. Through various mediums. So eventually, what we get is what we have released. Either positive or negative. Hence, always, always and always– Stay Positive! Thus, attracting positive and bringing positive to reality!

Any decision you make. Any number of choices you choose from. If you are not positive about your choice, if you are not sure about staying back for your decision, Shutters down! So the basic pre-requisite for good things in life is to stay positive so as to attract positive. Be Positive it is!

Let us analyze this concept by taking some interesting and funny examples

Examinations/ Interviews:

  • More often than not, we are well prepared for our examinations/ interviews.
  • At least we have made an attempt to give our best, right?
  • All the potential answers expected in the paper are done with.Done with the revisions.Practised well. Given our preliminary tests. All set!
  • Then comes the performance day–The Exams!
  • And bang!Paper - Not So Good.
  • We know that thepaper was exact same as per our expectation. All the expected questions were asked.
  • And we could not appear that well. Could not perform well.
  • Reason for the same – Sub-consciously, we concentrated more on the ‘negative if’s’ like – What if the paper comes hard, what if I forget in the examination, what if the questions I have left as option are asked as compulsory questions, what if it’s a lengthy paper  and similar thoughts.
  • The situation would have been the other way round if we had concentrated more on the ‘Positives’.
  • Solution – We need to believe that the paper would come easy. Even if it doesn’t, it will be the same paper for all. So it’s okay. We have prepared well, we have done the revisions, and we sure will be able to write what we had prepared and score well. We know we have worked hard and effective.

So you attract the positive and the positive shall happen.

When getting late:

  • Don’t we say and feel it often that – I was already late and everything around played a good role in causing further delay.
  • Reason for the same – When you are late, what you concentrate more on is – I don’t want to get late. And everything on earth seems to contribute its part and adds on to the delay.
  • The Universe just realizes (brings to reality) the word ‘late’.
  • It doesn’t understand the negation.
  • What it understands is the substance, the thought (ignoring the negations).
  • Solution – Concentrate more on ‘I will reach on time’.
  • Make yourself believe that – I am on time and just by staying positive you will attract the positive.

So you attract the positive and the positive shall happen.

When you don’t have a ticket:

  • Remember the times you have had to face that embarrassing situation of being caught when you did not have a ticket (taking an example of a train ticket here). While you don’t get to see the ticket checker often when you are carrying a valid pass.
  • Reason for the same – All through your journey you concentrated more on ‘I do not want the Ticket Checker to come’.
  • So you attracted the Ticket Checker and there he is with the fine receipt.
  • And you say to yourself – I carry my ticket/ pass regularly, the checker doesn’t seem to be there around. Today when I have it not, so he is here to embarrass me.
  • Fact being, on your usual routine, you don’t attract him by sending across those ‘I don’t want you to come messages’.
  • Only today did you miss him so much and how could he have made you wait (so he is there with a fine).
  • Remember? The universe only understands the substance, the thought (ignoring the negations).
  • Solution – Concentrate on the thought in an affirmative manner. Don’t think of the things you don’t want to happen.

So you attract the positive and the positive shall happen.

When you study:

  • Recall yourself saying ‘I study for 3 hours. None sees. I take my cellphone for a minute and everyone is there’.
  • Reason for the same – Even then you concentrated more on none should see me using my cell phone while I am studying.
  • Fact being, if you had not laid that a big emphasis on that event,had stopped yourself from thinking the thought you did not want to happen, probably you would not have attracted the same and thus the result would as well be the other way round.
  • Solution – Do not concentrate that what you don’t want to happen.

So you attract the positive and the positive shall happen.

In a shop:

  • Ever noticed? The shop that has more of customers tends to attract some more.Whereas in which there are none stays like that.
  • Reason for the same – the first vendor concentrates more on getting large number of customers, earning good and making big profits by the end of the day.
  • Whereas the latter concentrates on – why the other shop has so many customers, what if I don’t get any customers today, what if I don’t recover the costs, fate has made it all this way etc.
  • So the universe gifts what the respectiveshopkeepers had asked for.
  • They attracted what they thought of.
  • Solution – Concentrate on thoughts like it’s nice that the other shop has customers. High chances of me getting the customers too. May be the quality of my goods is better. I have a better display and I can market my goods well.

So you attract the positive and the positive shall happen.

Conclusion – I will conclude it with a short story hoping to establish my point clear and concrete –always, always and always – Stay Positive! Thus, attracting positive and bringing positive to reality!

There lived a farmer with his only son in a small village. All was just fine, good and great!It was a small happy family. And then one fine day, the farmer fell sick. All turned upside down. So the son who loved his father like none else, called the local priest to cure his father. The priest looked into the matter and suggested that the bad times were to arrive and asked him to get a ‘Ring’for his father. He warned that the father would sure die if the son fails to get the ring. This ring was not found anywhere. Except in the Himalayas!

Farmer did not make any demands to his son. He was an independent man and the last thing on earth he would do was to trouble his son go to the Himalayas and get him that ring. He did not want to trouble his son in the last days of his life. So he decided not to ask for the ring which would give him some more years of life. He suffered in silence!

But, the son loved his father a lot. He could not see him suffering. He wanted his father to be happy and healthy. He wanted the same life that they had been living before this sickness took over. Thus, he decided to do something. He told the farmer, his father,that he had some issues to be fixed and hence would be able to return back only days later. Farmer agreed. He had no idea what his son’s intentions were. And what was he up to.

Days passed and then one fine morning, his son returned with a ring and a jolly face. He gave it to his father. His father was real happy too. He was content to have a son like him and to get the ring which guaranteed him some more years to live. The farmer was happy and started to have hopes. He wished for the happy times again. He was positive about all being fine. He rose each day with a hope of wellness and prosperity in his heart and soul.

Day by day the farmer started getting well. All started to seem good, happy and normal. The farmer thanked his son for his love and efforts that had saved the farmer. Son smiled and thought to himself that now is the right time to reveal the truth. So he said to his father ‘Oh Father! I love you a lot and happy to see you fit and fine, butbelieve you me and you must know this - that it was no ring from the Himalayas! I had in fact, got it from the village fare. Amazed with his son’s confession the farmer asked - how did it then make me live more if it was not the ring from the Himalayas?

Son explained – Oh father! When you got sick, you concentrated more on the sickness and ‘I shall die if I have not the ring’. So it took a toll on our happy lives. Later when you got the ring, you concentrated on ‘I shall live many more years to come as I have the magic ring.’ So it was not the ring father. Those were your positive thoughts of hoping to live more. Those were your hopes of wellness and prosperity. Your positivity and your willingness to live. It was all in the mind father, the son explained. Happy was the father to have a wise son and happy was the son to have a healthy father. And they lived happily ever after.

Thus, the Moral stays – Stay Positive! Attract Positive! Bring Positive To Reality!

The author is a Company Secretary and has a great interest in writing. She aspires to reach out to the masses in a positive manner and can also be reached at jayaranga51@gmail.com


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