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This article is all about motivation and inspirations. This is just a bunch of noble thoughts.

You can change your destiny by changing your thoughts. If you think high and positive and you are also hard working, struggler and consistent then nobody can stop you to get success. Success is not a destination but it is a journey. Success is a result of constant preparation and opportunities. Success and failure both are obvious ingredients of life. Observe each event carefully and look at both sides of it. You will easily find the positive side of that event.

Hope, joy and optimism.

These are the tools we need most in our everyday life. Always believe in your mind power because this is the brilliant asset which is unmatchable. Once you have achieved ability then try to achieve stability. We become the same as we think. Never worry, you have nothing to do with your future and past. Just take care of your present because it is a present from God to you. Remember super words “I can do- I will do”. Have a dream and make a written plan. Read and remember some good examples like Amitabh Bachchan, Thomas Edison, Hellen Keller etc. There are bad times in life but they are temporary. They may become permanent if you stop trying.

There are only two buttons on the computer's CPU - start and restart. Think, why? Because others are not needed. Use only these two over and over again. The real pleasure of life is in setting high goals and achieving them. Set a big target for yourself. I will become a great (CA, Doctor, Minister, Player etc.) one day. I will become a successful businessman in coming days. Earning and spending money is an art but using the time in best possible way is state of the art. Change is the rule of life so always improve yourself. Be kind to others specially against those who are less powerful than you like poor and children. Nice character pays you every time without knowing yourself. Nothing is Impossible. Everything is possible. Just have faith and courage. Stay calm and happy. Give happiness to others. Feel the joy of giving. If you are helping then you are happy. Love something, someone without anticipation. Then you really don’t need to go on pilgrims.  Keep away from Anger, Ego, and greed. I don’t know how fools manage time to waste it.

Without setting Goals, Life is like a journey in desert without direction and destination. If you have destination, then you may have map and find directions. “Destination + extra efforts + sacrifice = achievement.” Divide the big goal in small parts and get them one by one. Hope is most powerful and fast lift towards destination floor. Speak less, spend less and save for the real occasion.

Open your umbrella before you get wet. i.e. prepare in advance. Learning is a never ending process. So learn as much as you can. Think of present and live in present. Look at the difficult situation from a different angle. The greatest reward of bad times is learning to have patience.

For professional students: Doing professional course is not difficult. Don’t think that it tough because you are neither first nor last to but it is difficult if you don’t have determination and hardwork. Once you find the solution of a problem then you can solve many of your problems in future. You don’t need to shout to represent your side; your quality work will do it for you. A firm believer is a great achiever. Don’t kill your dreams but fulfill them. Have faith instead of anxiety. Thank you for reading with patience.

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Deepak kumar sharma
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