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There are only two things that sell in this world.. Hope and Fear respectively. Everything in this globe is sold under the pretext of these two emotions. Every product, service and sentiment is disguised in it. Where hope is spread in open grounds. Fear is transmitted from closed doors. Hope is long drawn. Fear can be instant. Hope can go either way. Fear has its objective spellbound.  Look around and you will see it everywhere. Hope and Fear.


It’s with that “Hope” that thousands were born on the midnight of August 15 1947. Sixty-five years later,  i.e,  a generation later it’s safe to say that hope is on its last legs. Fear has gripped us. Politicians spread hope every election and we live in constant fear thereafter. Fear of security and fear of livelihood. Everything around us looks depressing and our rulers have mastered the game of selling hope and instilling fear in us. We live our everyday life in fear, fear of losing a job, fear of losing someone close to us, fear of the rising costs, and fear of being thrown on the streets and we live in the hope that our life would change for the better some day. A Hope that would be made possible by better, honest, caring politicians, bureaucrats and officers. Little do we realize that these executives fear only till they are chosen? Once chosen they let loose fear on us. Then on, they live on hope, a better life and we in fear. Our day to day activities is filled with fear- fear of reaching late to work and losing out on pay, fear being incompetent at our jobs and losing the job, fear to venture out. We are answerable and liable for every action of ours and the consequences are immediate. It’s different with our administrators. They always have a long rope. While we fear reactions to our weak measures and labors, they continue in the hope they can continue to writhe out of their pathetic decisions and dismal actions.


We have waited long and hard- Hoped for things to change. Our wait has been our hope. It’s been futile so far... 65 years later; we have had very few politicians who have been honest. Few who were efficient. The rest have taken us for a ride all the while. They have taken us for granted. Our opposition to them has been ineffectual for we have had no choice. Our choice to choose the “good” if not the best is close to impossible. Our options to select have been limited to electing the bad amongst the worst.  Every arm of the government machinery has politics tattooed on it. There is little that a common man can do to overcome it. The rules are bent for the big and powerful, to the less privileged, the strong arm of the law beats down harshly. The one who steals Rs.50 spends the same night in jail and for the one who steals crores the law will wait. Every rule in the law will be explored, twisted and tweaked to get “Justice” to the mighty accused of being guilty. The laws and regulations are applicable only to the common man. Our opposition to their “Exclusivity” has been met with their unity in political diversity to suppress us. We have been their pawns and will remain so. All our efforts in trying to establish transparency and implementing rules applicable to one and all have been met with stiff opposition under parliament supremacy. We need reforms. Reforms that are landslide in nature. Reforms that touch every nerve of the government and administration. Expecting that to happen in a hundred years would be to be very optimistic.


Perhaps it’s time to try something different. Strive to turn the tables. It’s time to fill fear in them and for us to live in hope. It’s time they work in their respective jobs like we do, like we fear our jobs they ought to fear theirs. Politicians, bureaucrats and officers alike should stop considering their jobs sheltered for life. Democratic process might not be enough. Once every 5 years is too long for us to wait for an ineffective person to continue working for us. Lack of choice makes us helpless. Loyal bureaucrats and officers under these politicians make things worse for us. It’s independence in their jobs, effectiveness in their actions and honesty in their duty that will ring in hope for us. We don’t know if a strong Lokpal bill or avalanche reforms in every arm of the constitution will help, but we do know that “Fear “will help. Fear will usher in those reforms. Fear will bring in a law that’s uniform to all. Fear of retribution will make them more accountable. Fear will ensure that they don’t take their positions for granted. Fear will help us live in hope. Fear that they will be held responsible. Fear that they will be tried. Fear that punishment will not be deferred for a very apparent offence. Fear to take bribe, fear to oppress the oppressed, fear to delay justice, fear to execute promises, fear to deflect, fear to compromise, fear to be dishonest. It’s that fear that we should bring in. A sword hanging above their head will do well.

How we do it is debatable. But why is “obvious”. We should is “apparent”. We might have to sacrifice a lot in doing so. Sacrifice for tomorrow’s happiness. For the national good we “will”. To cleanse the system we “must”.  For a better prospect for our future generations we “owe” it. For “Hope” we need to sell “Fear”.  In hope we will sell fear. We should stop fearing fear. We will fight fear for hope for others. It’s our time of reckoning. It’s our time of “Hope”. 65 years is too long to live on “Hope” sold to us by them. The wait is over. It’s time to pluck our “Hope” from them. Buy our hope by selling “Fear”.  We should and can do that without Fear. It’s time to Hope.. Hope we will. We will transform our hope to reality. Our hope will not rest on other's shoulders. Hope will rest on us. Fear on them.

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