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I have read a number of articles and books about motivation, dedication, this that being the basic requirements to be able to qualify this prestigious exam.

Have I found a concrete solution to my problems as a CA student who has not been able to qualify in a single or maybe 2 or 3 attempts? I don't think so.

I find myself eligible enough to answer this question because Nov 18 will be my 4th attempt.

From observations and analysis of my own life, I have understood one thing, and I would like to share it with you..

When we give our first attempt, we do not really think of the failure aspect of the exam despite there being a lot of people around us, in libraries or our classrooms who haven't been able to clear them in their first attempt. Our focus is only on the exam and the possibility of us not being able to clear it, is distant based on our past records. Fair enough!

When we are not able to clear it, we start noticing those people who hadn't cleared their exam in first attempt. Despite being in the same room, they didn't exist for us earlier. But now we both come in the same category. It disheartens is not a good category to be in.

But it's not just the disheartening part that is dangerous. What really destroys our next attempts, is the conversations we hear and have around these people. We start relating to them. Psychologically, we start becoming comfortable even though we failed , because obviously it wasn't a lack in my preparation. It was everything EXCEPT for that.

Why is it dangerous. When we don't analyze and correct our mistakes. We make them again and again and again and we end up being so comfortable in our bubble where we are the victims and the world is a bad place to survive in. It is THIS comfort that takes us further away from becoming a CA.

This victim mentality overpowers our thinking ability, so much, that we simply stop putting in efforts enough to pass. We think we are studying, but it isn't really our 100%.

It becomes a cycle.
We prepare. We fail. ICAI sucks.
We prepare. We fail. Oh so and so also didn't pass.
He worked so hard. Yeah then me failing is fine.
We prepare. We fail. I can't study the same thing again and again.
We prepare. We fail. I am not able to concentrate. Maybe I am not cut out for this degree.
We prepare. We fail. I hate my parents, the home environment is so discouraging.
We prepare. We fail..
And this cycle goes on until either you are forced to join a job or simply Quit because of social responsibilities.
Were you not capable enough? Of course you were. You know it..
Were you not hardworking enough? You were.
Were you not focused enough? Maybe not in last few attempts, but initially you definitely were.
Then why can't you also carry the CA tag with your head held high?
Because you were stuck in a cycle you failed to break out of. You failed to recognize THE CYCLE.

For the students giving the November 2018 attempt. There are 2 months left for the preparation. If you don't feel confident enough..

Observe your circle. The people you talk to everyday. Go through your Whatsapp chats in the last month and see how much energy and thought you spent on doing things that were not in any way connected to your DREAM of being a CA.

Observe your thoughts before you start your studies. Are you feeling positive? Confident?

Observe the cycle you are stuck in. If it is not working for you, observe yourself.

What were your reactions in your previous failures? Who did you discuss your issues with? Did you get a productive response, did it work for you. THINK. Think about these things. They will help you break the cycle.


I can't tell you what actions you need to take. Your mind will tell you that, if the mind is clear on what exactly your GOAL is.

Example: You want to wake up early and study because mind is fresh. But you are not able to. Even if you do wake end up spending hours in the bathroom until you start your studies ending up spending a quarter of the time then planned.

It is a cycle. So how do we break it?

The night before, tell your mind you will be starting with a specific topic the next day. Go through the headings of the topic. Keep the books ready. Don't allow your mind to give you any reason to not start at the fixed time.

You are not feeling confident right now? You will start feeling confident on the 7th day. It is my guarantee.

Think good happy thoughts. Watch friends. Avoid people who are in the victim stage of the cycle. And you can clear the exam. You have cleared a lot of exams before. Just get over the fear of CA FINAL exams. It is created by other people and their hypothetical conversations.

Also, be nice to everyone around you, especially parents. Let them scream and yell. You keep your calm and don't spend your precious energies on anything other than your GOAL.

Your parents are facing double the amount of difficulties than you are, at the moment. You at least have the power to break your cycle and get a positive result. They cannot even do that. All they can do is wait for you to realize it and give them a happy child and a positive result.

Do not reach out to me for any of your queries. Turn your focus inwards and you will know exactly what needs to be done by you in your situation. You are capable enough. Keep your patience and qualify.

You know about your cycle much more than anyone else around you.

We often talk to our friends using phrases "Mere sath hamesha aise hi hota hai."

It is nothing but an example of a cycle.

If you don't want the same thing to repeat. Change your actions, modify your reactions, and you will see the magic happen within the very first time you do it.

Go try.

I am qualifying my first group this Nov 2018, what about you?


Published by

Mansi Sharma
(Statutory Auditor)
Category Students   Report

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