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Hello everyone today I'm sharing,how I prepared myself for my IPCC examination...

When I was pursuing my IPCC,I was really confused because I was only prepared for the Taxation paper.

I was so scared that what gonna happen as it was my 1st attempt,with only 1 month in hand for the examination.Nothing was going in my favor even pressure from outside force like rumors “this time paper would be tougher than last term”.

There where only two option left in mind at that time…

Whether to go for examination without any preparation as Warm up exercise…

Or,Give up from this term….

I was really depressed what to do or not?

I asked every near and dear ones of mine but somehow I was not getting the answer for which I was hoping for,I tried and old remedy I tossed a Coin in the air “If its head I’m attending the examination and If is it tail I’m forgoing this attempt. While the when the Coin was in the air I don’t know why my heart was hoping for the head…

When the coin landed it was a tail,I was asking myself now what should I do?Is this a sign from God not to attempt this time, my mind was full of rough ideas at that time…

But my heart still wanted me to try this time….

I took a blank paper and started writing in which subjects I’m gonna score more than 50…

On that paper I wrote Taxation,Costing-FM,Audit & Accounts…

I was really really Scared of Advance Accounts, Law & IT-SM as I was not prepared for it so I red marked all this four subjects…

I borrow a Hand Book of Law(Munish Bhandari)from my friend and started preparation for that, completed 3 chapters same day(Bonus Act, Gratuity Act, Pf )then made a routine that I will give maximum time in Law, Advance and in ITSM…

I used to sleep at 11 pm and try to wake up at 6 but Indian tradition “Bus paanch Minutes aur fir uuth jaunga” so at 7 am I was fully in my sense to take on my studies…

I made a partition in my mind for all subjects from 7am to 10am for Law, 10-11 Break fast,FaceBook and all,11am to 2pm Advance accounts, 2-4 mild sleep,from 4pm to 6pm ITSM,and after 6pm all others subs like accounts, Cost, FM, Audit…

Few days went by only 10 days were left for examination and I was 50% prepared for all red marked Subs… and 80% for others subs…

When there were only 4 days to go for Exams I met with an accident and got badly hurt…as my left foot was not working properly…

But I knew that I have to give my exams..

The day was on the cards I got myself ready for examination, and prayed to god just “Today is a great day in my life, God just be there for me in the exam hall so I can stand on my mom’s expectation ”…

It was Accounts paper after seeing the paper I was little bit confused because whatever I practiced it was there in the paper….

And so on one by one paper went….

When it comes to taxation paper I was so excited that “aaj toh paper ko phaad doonga” But everything went wrong…Paper was a tough one and after exam, I said to my “Chal Yaar November me fir aana hai”

Aug 8th, 2011 IPCC result declared my hands where shaking whether to check my result or not…..

I said to my mom that all my friends checking their results So If I had cleared someone surely will call….so there is no requirement of checking..

But after few hours I lost my control and checked……








I shocked I cleared both groups but the most shocking thing was…Taxation in which I got 43…

So this was my journey of IPCC what about you?


Aryan Singhania

Published by

Pallav Singhania
(❤ Work Hard, Party Harder ❤)
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