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Guide to success in your Professional course



Each of us having ambitions, dreams in our life, without ambition or dream life will not be complete or interesting, but some of us only make the dream to get success. This same concept only will apply for our professional studies also, several lakh students are registering for professional courses, but out of several lakh students, several thousand students only got success in their professional courses. Here myself discussing about some aspects necessary for doing professional studies and also hope this helpful for students.

1.      Interest: We need to have good interest on taken courses in other words, we need to love our professional course, this will play the great part of your studies and achieve your ambitions, without interest we unable to do any work, also whatever the work we are doing without interest will be unsuccessful or uncompleted, So put interest on your course.


2.      Concentration: Concentration is the power for your mind, if we want to do any work whether small or big, without concentration we cannot do. Concentration is the power tool for whatever your activities, studies, work. For example, if we are driving vehicle without concentration the accident may happen or we may not reach the destination, so concentration will be vital role in your studies, so be concentrate on your studies.


3.      Involvement: Involvement lead a right direction in your studies, your interest only will decide your involvement in any task, without involvement you cannot concentrate on your task. So give your full involvement on your studies


4.      Commitment: Commitment is the utilisation of your time and activity as per your convenient. Commitment lead you to a better time management on your task, Example, You may commit our self as, “At least 3 times revision has to be done before exams or complete the all the stages in single attempt”. Commitment always gives us a pressure for achieve the goal. So commit yourself for achieve your goals.


5.      Self Confident: Self confident nothing but what is your opinion about you in your mind, if we think that we can finish this course then we can, but if we think that “Can we finish this course?” then you can or cannot.  First you need to believe yourself then your  self confident will be good , so be confident you self , in the same time cannot be over confident .

6.      Positive thinking: Positive thinking will bring you positive results, be positive in your objects, activities, speech, thinking etc.  these all will make you to act positive in your works and give positive result. So think always positive.


As I mentioned in the introduction, do not be a person in several lakh, be a person in several thousand. In the words of our Former President Mr.A.B.J Abdul Kalam “, The Dream in not what you see in sleep, Dream is the thing which does not let you sleep”. So do not leave your dream & ambition until get success.

 All the best…

Published by

CMA Ramesh Krishnan
(Cost & Management Accountant)
Category Students   Report

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