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Guide to New CPT Students...

CA. Dashrath Maheshwari , Last updated: 04 January 2010  

Important things to note (Ref: CA CPT Examinations)


Chartered Accountancy is an all time flashing and carrier making course. It gives honour, dignity and good social status apart from good earning. To start with, CA-CPT is a primary and preliminary examination for entrance in Chartered Accountant Course and need only basic knowledge of the subjects, as most of the students in this category are only 17-20 years old, no one can expect expert intelligence from them, not even our institute.


This article is for you if you are planning/going to appear for CA-CPT examinations.  This article will help you in preparing and making mind. This will guide you that how to get in, go through, prepare, assail and complete.

There is no one who can stop you to become CA, if you are a highly desirous person. What you should have is the stamina and proper planning to crack the goal in time.



First you should plan your studies in such a way keeping the method and system of examinations that each aspect of the syllabus covers in your studies. Reading is totally irrelevant, if you are not learning. You should also consult with your friends and relatives who are intelligent enough to guide you in this regard. The motto should not be to pass, it should be to get a rank.

Yes, Ranks are limited and everyone can’t get it but we should note that someone is getting it, means its not impossible. Anyhow, if you could not get a rank, you will at least pass with good percentage.



Please note, good marks in entrance will help you in many regards:

  1. You may get best CA Firm for articleship (CA Training)
  2. You may get good assignments during articleship
  3. You will get cachet in family and friends; this will increase your desire to get the next goal.
  4. This will help you in getting best job/work after becoming CA.



  1. Syllabus
  2. Study Material from ICAI
  3. Question Banks
  4. Best available books of changing subjects like law.
  5. If you have computer system at home, CD of CPT quiz, or installed quiz program.
  6. You can also try Level-1 Mock Test at www.caclubindia.com


Steps to the ladder:

  1. When you got the books, just go through the syllabus page of each subject.

2.       Now think about subject, in which you are not comfortable.

3.       See the previous examination questions thoroughly.

4.       Learn small to small things in the Study Material.

[Keep in mind the pattern of previous examination questions.]

5.       Take the coaching of subjects where you think, it’s needed.

6.       Take advise from seniors and CAs, wherever needed.


I wish you all the best for your examinations.


An  article  by  CA.  Dashrath  Maheshwari

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