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GST Refund Process

sparsh wadhwa , Last updated: 27 February 2024  

GST Refund

So as to claim a GST refund, the taxpayer has to adhere to certain processes, provide the GST authorities with the appropriate documentation, and make any necessary disclosures. The excess cash balance that was mistakenly paid, taxes that were paid in error, or the accumulated Input Tax Credit (ITC) that was unable to be used for tax payments because of zero-rated sales or an inverted tax structure are all permitted refunds under the GST. In accordance with the kind of GST refund that is sought, multiple documents must be filled out. 

Subject to specific conditions, a taxable person can additionally ask for a refund of any leftover input tax credit at the end of any tax period.

GST Refund Process

A refund can be claimed under the following situations

Refund on Input Tax Credit Not Yet Used

If the rate of tax on inputs is higher than the rate of tax on products or services, the unutilized input tax credit might be refunded at the culmination of any tax period.

Goods and Services for Export (Including Deemed Export)

In the event where exports of goods or services from India are exempt from export duties, tax paid inputs may be reimbursed at the time of export.

When exporting goods or services outside of India that are subject to export duties, the exporter has to initially claim the input tax credit for the tax-paid inputs, export the finished items after paying the import tax, and then claim a refund for the duty paid during the export process. One can not request a refund of the unpaid input tax credit.

The excess payment caused by error or inadvertence

Repayment for excess payments of taxes, whether consciously or unconsciously, that results in greater sums being paid to the government than is necessary.

Tax-free supplies and returns from manufacturing, generation, and production

Repayment of taxes spent on inputs utilised in the production, generation, producing goods, or manufacture of supply exempt from taxes.

Reimbursement for taxes paid on expenditures made by the United Nations, CSD canteens, paramilitary force canteens, etc.

Purchases made by UN bodies, diplomatic missions, CSD canteens, and paramilitary forces canteens will be tracked in the supplier's return of outbound supplies, and refunds of taxes may be available. All of these entities will need to get a Unique Identity Number.

Successfully completing the Basic Assessment

When an assessee becomes eligible for a refund as the outcome of the final assessment order.

Refund of the prepayment if an appeal is filed

When an appellant's deposit for the appeal is required to be refunded as a result of a ruling from the Appellate Tribunal or the First Appellate Authority.

Required documents to claim GST return

  1. Invoice: Original or copy of invoice
  2. Bill of export: Bill for exported goods
  3. Bank realisation certificate: Original copy issued by bank or evidence of foreign currency payments
  4. GST RFD-01A: A self attested refund application form
  5. Other docs: Specific documents needed to claim GST return

Steps to submit a refund pre-application form

Once submitted, this application cannot be modified and does not need to be signed. Thus, the user needs to exercise caution when entering the information.

Step 1: Click to the "Services" page on the GST location, log in, choose "Refunds," and then select the "Refund pre-application form" option.

Step 2: Enter the data that was requested on the "Refund pre-application form" page that shows up then click "Submit." Additionally, there will be a submission confirmation shown on the screen. 

Following details should be filed-

  1. Category of business: supplier, trader, vendor, exporter, and services supplier
  2. Date of IEC issuance (exclusively for exporters): The date of the Import Export Certificate's administration is required to be provided by someone requesting repayment for exports (without paying taxes).
  3. The primary certified signatory's Aadhaar number must be provided.

Step 3: Once verified, submit the form

Step 4: You will receive ARN for future reference

Steps to apply in RFD-01 for different GST refunds

  • Step 1: Navigate to the "Services" page on the GST portal after login in, click "Refunds," and then select "Application of refund."
  • Step 2: Click "Create refund application" after selecting the kind or reason for the refund 
  • Step 3: In the dialogue box that reads "If you want to file a nil refund," select "Yes" or "No" after selecting the time period for which the reimbursement is to be applied. 
  • Step 4: According to the sort of refund you selected in the previous step, fill out the required data on the screen that appears. 
  • Step 5: Verify the entered data and supporting documents as it cannot be changed later
  • Step 6: After verification, sign the form electronically using DSC or EVC method
  • Step 7: Submit the form online(electronically)
  • Step 8: If the form is submitted without any error, a unique Application Reference Number along with an acknowledgement letter is generated
  • Step 9: A time frame is given to you under which the tax authorities will review the form and contact you with the decision

Filed applications can be tracked using "Track application status" under Refunds.

Other Provisions

  1. If the reimbursement amount is lower than Rs. 1,000/- then no refunds shall be paid.
  2. If the amount of the request for a refund is less than Rs. 5 lakhs, the applicant can assert a refund by certifying in a self-declaration based on this documentary and other evidence that he has not passed on the incidence of such tax and interest. This reduces the need for filing such documentary evidence.
  3. Additionally, it asserts that a notified registered taxable person may only claim a refund of up to 80% of the total amount claimed (with the exception of input tax credit that hasn't been approved) in cases where the refund is related to the export of goods or services.

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