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Now a Days Small Taxpayers get difficult to Filing their GST Returns on Monthly & Quarterly Basis due to Not having the ERP & Customized softwares for Complete their gst compliances. Small taxpayers facing, time-consuming for Consolidating data of filing GSTR 1 & 3B like B2b, B2c, Debit Note, Credit Note & HSN.

Here We introduce the "GST Invoice Excel Utility cum GST Return Generator V.1 (Mini ERP)" for small business Taxpayers. This Utility will reduce the time Consuming while GST Compliances filing. This Utility is Designed with Advanced VBA Coding method in Microsoft Excel.

Features of this GST Invoice Excel Utility are as follows.

GST Invoice cum GST Return Generator Excel Utility V.1 (Mini ERP) (FREE)

Reports Generate (With Just a Simple Click)

1. GSTR 1 Excel Report Can Generate (Similar of GSTR 1 format - like B2B, B2C, CDNR, CDNUR & HSN)

2. GSTR 3B Excel Report Can Generate (Table 3.1)

3. Sales Report Can Generate for Suppliers Invoice wise & Item Wise for Decision Making.

4. Purchase & Inventory Details Reports Can Generate



1. In this Tool We can Create Tax Invoices, Debit Note Invoices, Credit Note Invoices & Inventory Maintenance.

2. All Types of Invoices Will be saved automatically & Generate PDF (In Default Location).

3. We provided 3 Types of GST Invoice Can Generate (Taxpayers may be having multiple Type of Invoices Preparing like Goods Sales Invoice, Service Invoice, Scrap Invoice & Etc).

4. This Utility Maintain All Type of Invoice, Debit & Credit Note Data's in Backend (With Full Protection). Mirror Data will be visualized for Decision making.

5. This Utility Automatically Create Backup File at the time of Preparation of Invoices (Manual Backup Facility also Provided).

6. All types of Tax Invoices, Debit & Credit Notes can be Edit & Save without any issue.

7. Invoice canceling facility is provided due to abnormal Situations.

8. Invoice No format Can be Add as per taxpayers preference (Like Prefix & Suffix of Invoice numbers)

9. Inventory Data Will be maintained if You are Given Purchase Data. Closing Inventory Will be automatically Generated after Every invoice.

10. This Utility Can be taken anywhere and Create the Invoices & Generate Reports Also.

11. Customers Master, Items Master, Other Details in Invoice like Terms, Bank Details & Other Business details also can enter in This Excel Utility.


12. "Reset" the Tool Facility is Provided for Year-End Changing purpose. Also, Provided Bug Fix Button for Error Rectification (If any Error means, Click this Button will solve the Error automatically).

Click here to view/download the utility tool on - GST Invoice Excel Utility cum GST Return Generator V.1 (Mini ERP)

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