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Group 1 or group 2 or both

Member (Account Deleted) Guest , 03 January 2011  

This is a question that bother each and every person in doing CA. and sometime this question  becomes so complicated that it remain  unsolved till exams , and creates a big dilemma.

How should a person really decide what group should be attempted ?

 Lets see how the situation goes on for the first time when this question being raised in mind .our group is decided by all this process.


Parents ----This is the category of the person whom we really take advise from our parents , elders or who so ever whom we trust blindly. In short jinki opinion he hamare decision ka half base cover karti hai .E.g .. my brother has given both groups and cleared with good marks ,..ultimately ..mind opinion becomes ..i should also do like that. I should follow the steps of my elders.


FRIENDS----this is the most powerful force to change your decision directly or indirectly . how ? lets illustrate

 Indirectly  ----I have decided with both group and my best friend is totally focused on first group . and also preparing very well .its easy to get diverted with the idea .. like I should also give only 1 group .

 Directly   ----your friend is giving 1st group and he /she convinces you its a nice idea. and you just do the same .


Teachers --- our guide who teach us ,..because they also know the real capacity of ours.so unki opinion bhi to value karti hai na

Other ---  mano chahe nan a mano.. ITS A fact that every person decision is being depend upon the ca stats..like group 1 wale jyada pass hue ya group 2 wale . the next point was very good given to me in forum by BALU was his prinicipal.


Now what :


As per the diagram ,every person opinion is so different. Choose kare to kya kare ? who  is more  right ? who will tell this ?

Result _question remains the same >> kaun sa group ?

Isliye almost exam tak ye question waise ka waisa hi atka rehta hai .



Confidence :

o   Check out the subject you are most confident about

Capacity :

o   your own capacity to handle the subject

Time :

o   This is the most  important factor because even you know every subject of both group but you dont have time to prepare both groups then ..your whole strategy be fail and you couldn't give your best in both . whereby just because of focusing on 1 group you may pass with good marks.

 Lets someone situation is as like :


Assuming that the person has decided to  give first group . he will not go with the other group.but here are also problems like accounts and costing.so he should do like .

  • give more focus on the most tough subject by taking help from all elders
  • make a guideline to tackle it and more focus on more imp subjects.
  • The easiest subject should be the strength of the student by getting exemption into it.
  • Don't forget to work according to your plan because many plan but couldn't be able to work according to that.
  • Prefer each subject equally because you need to pass in every subject.
  • Just because tax and law seems to you easy doesn't mean to ignore their value.





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