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“I believe that good things come to those who work.” - Wilt Chamberlain

Good things are not accidental:

1. If you are supposed to secure first position in exam you have to work hard or study day in day out, it can’t happen just because you want it.

2. Sanjeev Bikhchandani created & other business after years of struggle, hard work & willingness. He paid the price for it. Want to know full story, you may read “Stay foolish stay hungry” a book by Rashmi Bansal.

3. It took years to build The Great Wall of China. It could not have been possible without hard work, planning and strong execution.

4. Every great performer/actor learns, studies, researches and lives his respective roles and eventually comes out with great performance. They create great performance and work exceptionally to create the same.

5. All good professionals (e.g doctors, technicians, dress designers, architectures etc.) around the world go through rigorous training program which enables them to create best things and you know just by becoming a professional you can’t create the best unless you learn it first.

Good things will never happen in your life unless you create these and willing to pay the price. If you are cursing your atmosphere, boss, company or parents, you are simply wasting your time since cursing would not change anything in your life

Just consider these small things for 2 minutes:

1. You want to see your shoes shining throughout the day but you never polish your shoes.

2. You want good physique and high energy level but you neither workout not take care of your diet.

3. You want best fitted clothes but you always look for cheapest option.

4. You want to be a good singer but never willing to practice.

5. You want to be top performer at work but you don’t focus on work.

6. You want to complete your work within office hours but you ignore delegation, technology & other techniques to make this happen.

In above situation you are not willing to pay the price. So unless you accept your responsibility to create good things in life, nothing good will happen.

So ask yourself

1. Am I willing to pay the price of my need or desire?

2. What am I doing to create what I want?

Whatever good things we build end up building us.” - Jim Rohn

To read more similar article or know about Yogesh please visit his website or facebook page Yogesh is working as spoken English and career development trainer.

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