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“Hello friends, my name is XYZ, and I’ve given this November attempt like you all”. The most common line or the introductory line for every student sitting in that session with me, for introduction.


Hi CCI members, my name is DHIRAJ. I’ve joined GMCS batch and it still has to go for another 10 days. But so far, in 5 days, I’ve learnt plenty or rather I’ve gained good knowledge, which I never got from the books in last 4.5 years. I know, everyone must be wondering, what one can know in just 5 days, or rather how huge that knowledge can be. But trust me, it has been really huge and in big quantity, atleast for me.


There are two sessions daily, one in early morning which ends before your articleship time begins, and another is in evening which begins after your articleship time completes. So, one can go for article ship and GMCS together. No issues in that.



Before joining GMCS


Friends, I never considered this GMCS seriously. I mean, I thought it’s just an obligation for a student to appear for, nothing more than that. So, after clearing PCC, I never joined it. I joined it after appearing for FINALS first group.


[Please, any juniors overhere, join GMCS as soon as possible. It definitely helps you in preparing for your exams, rather more than that. The condition of completion of articleship first or appearing for finals exams initially is not valid. One can join GMCS when he/she is undergoing articleship and also is still to appear for FINALS yet. No one will restrict that student.]


I’d a different perspective. I thought, one needs to get practical, GMCS is just for fun and one cannot have productive sessions in such courses. But so far, I’ve been proven wrong. It’s been wonderful experience in whole CA course, for me, so far. I’ve learnt a lot from various faculties, who visited from different cities especially to conduct their sessions in our batch.


I joined it, because one of my tutor, who has always guided me in unbiased, perfect and the best way through out my CA studies, suggested me to join it now only and not to wait for my MAY attempt of second group. And now I’m really thankful to him.



Role of ICAI


Till this time, I’d never considered ICAI so concerned for students, for obvious reason, ofcoarse. I thought, just the members are given importance by this institute, while students are neglected and are not even considered as a part of the organization. But but but, ICAI has done great job by introducing GMCS in our syllabus, and more than that, making it compulsory.


We know that, MBA students have tough time always, because they have to make presentations, projects and have to report various issues in different ways. While in CA, students are suppose to refer the institute material or reference books or attain tuitions and appear for exams. So, in this process, they lack in presentation skills, communication skill, they lack the knowledge of representing their thoughts in best way in an organization or the company they work for.


So, it was necessary to develop such skills in a CA student too. GMCS fulfills the need. And for that, ICAI and all the faculties visiting such batches to conduct their sessions are to be really appreciated.



An Overview


Many of us are afraid in public speaking or sharing our thoughts in the group or in front of people. In short, many of us have “STAGE FEAR”. The first positive aspect of GMCS is that it just vanishes your this fear. It simply compels you to talk in public and present yourself in front of them. For example, every student sitting in the room of GMCS batch is suppose to go at stage and introduce himself to the class, like “My name is XYZ, and I’ve appeared for so-so exam”.


Even such a small introduction brings so much confidence in person. Reason is very obvious, in such introduction, you facee the audience for first time. You need not learn any words, simply say your name and the exam you appeared for and any other introduction matter (whatever you want to add in it). Undoubtedly, me too, when gave such introduction, was nervous. My hands were shivering while speaking and facing my own friends from completely opposite side. But now, I’m no more scared or rather, though I may feel nervous again while approaching the stage, but I won’t get scared anymore to facee the audience.


Friends, companies, organizations, clients and society is expecting a lot from CA. Not just they respect our profession, but also trust us for whatever we do. One of the faculties explained us that “This world cannot do anything without finance or rather put it in different way that everything done in this world is related to finance. And we are considered as the masters of handling their financial activities”.


These days, CA is not just supposed to deal with financial aspects of any company, but also with other aspects like management, direction and many more. So for that, one need to make reports, presentation, has to communicate and convey their ideas to the BOD or clients or government or shareholders. Hence, for this purpose, a CA definitely requires good communication skills and the management knowledge.



GMCS so far…


As I said earlier, that my confidence is boosted now. Earlier I’d stage fear, I’ve it now also, but I’m sure that by the time my batch gets over, I will be confident enough to present myself in conveying way. I’ll be able to manage my stress and time and definitely my preparations for second group too will be managed by following GMCS experiences and knowledge.


Let’s discuss few of my interesting and productive sessions here, as I think it is necessary to tell you about my real experience.



27th Dec ‘10


  • Morning session : It was a introduction session, this introduction was not of students to the batch, but of the batch to the students. That means, all students were not known to each other. There were few new facees, some were not from my town, they came in here from their city altogether to attain GMCS only. So far, I’ve been friends to some new facees, and now I’m familiar to almost 70%, i.e 35 students.


Anyways, in this first session, our faculty taught us various topics, and the session seemed to be more of one-way communication, as it was very first session, so no one was interacting much. But this faculty had good practical experience and had good communication skills, as he was able to procure our attention for 3 hours.


The topics discussed here were Goal-Setting, Career-Planning, SWOT & Code of Ethics in Professional Life. So, obviously, I think, interaction from students’ was supposed to be negligible. As in such topics, an experienced person needs to convey his thoughts more and not the students.


  • Evening Session : This session was on General Management – Basics with practical case studies. I did not enjoy much, the reason was, it was first day, and I’d woke up at 5 a.m. (i.e I’d already spent 12-hours day), so by evening I was completely tired and could enjoy this session much. But faculty was good and well-knowledge, as usual, my friends might have enjoyed him, I’m sure.



28th Dec ‘10


  • Morning Session : One of the good sessions, it was on REPORT PRESENTATION, I think, it was one of most useful sessions. As CA are really not so good in representing reports. Here too, faculty was highly experienced and had good experience of teaching the students. So, I thoroughly enjoyed this session.


The best part was, none of us wanted this session to end. As we know, we were lacking in all such presentation skills, so it was really encouraging us to learn more & more at that point of time itself. Overall, that was a good session.


  • Evening Session : For the first time, in CA academics, any female person came to teach us or conduct the session. It was on TIME MANAGEMENT.


Yes, this one was really worthy session. So interactive, many students asked queries, participated and also replied to the questions raised by faculty or any other student. Here important thing was, a person, either practicing or going under job or dealing with his studies, was considered. The session was one of best so far, because, I think now I can prepare my own plans for studies and also deal with my other requirements in available time.


Time management, we do consider an easy topic or think that we can manage time easily, but that day I came to know, it’s very difficult to manage the time and also fulfill all your social, personal, academic responsibilities in a given limited time. But as I said, now I can do tackle between all the things with all the time available.



29th Dec ‘10


  • Morning Session : So far, from all sessions, this was one of most productive and entertaining sessions. It was not so interactive, rather more of it was just one-way communication of type. Faculty was just guiding us about Office Etiquette & Discipline. The faculty was so good, that he made our batch as completely live. No doubt, we already know the business disciplines, but still he taught so well and in so good way that we were highly encouraged.


The faculty had a great sense of humor and on that he narrated his personal life’s experiences to make us understand what we should never do as a professional person. And friends, trust me, it is not easy to teach this our new “x-generation” about etiquettes so easily, as this person did. And fortunately, it was my turn to give him “vote of thanks”, I was glad that I can truly thank this person and not just considering it as an obligation.


  • Evening Session : Now was the turn to make groups and work together. We were made realize that how we perform individually and how we perform as a group member. Do we take whole charge by ourselves, or do we motivate anyone else too to communicate and keep his/her point in the group.


Session was on Leadership & Motivation. My group did not perform much, as we all 7 members were unknown to each other, and we got hardly 5-10 minutes to know each other. So there was lack of co-ordination. But few other groups really performed well which motivated our group too to perform good next time, if we get chance again.



30th Dec ‘10


  • Morning Session : Yes, this was too helpful, especially in this century or in this era, everyone would like to get session on such topics. It was Stress Management. The faculty was the same, the one in evening session of 27th Dec. On 27th, I did not enjoy his session much. But this time I did, and I really found It helpful, as, being a student, we are always under pressure for one or the other exams, but this session directed us to reduce the stress and concentrate on studies or our business or job in stress-free state of mind.


  • Evening Session : I think this session helped me removing my stage fear. The topic was Art of Public Speaking. Every student went on stage and spoke for 1.5-2 minutes on “Never Give Up” (the topic was already given by the faculty a day before to prepare for). I too spoke for the same, gave examples of Mohammad Ali, Amitabh Bachhan, Edison, Einstien, who never gave up in their life, whatever hurdles came. They just fought the situations and difficulties and so survived.


I think, all students spoke well, few speeches were really inspiring and motivating. We also played game, forming the same group which we made on 29th.


Overall, the session was really entertaining, two-way interactive and helpful.



31st Dec ‘10


  • Morning Session : A person from corporate world was called upon as faculty. His teaching skills were not so good, but what all of us liked was that he was highly experienced and he shared his all real life corporate experiences with us. Friends, this was something, we never read anywhere, never heard or seen. So each one of us enjoyed and paid attention to this session completely.


As such, whole of session ended well, but we wanted that faculty to visit this batch again. Because, knowledge regarding subjects, we can get that from books or coaching classes. But the real world knowledge and true counters was amazing us and also creating some kind of fire to know more & more. But what can we do, the time was limited, but still that person tried his best to share most of his experience.


  • Evening Session : Here, we discussed on Communication in CA’s office, other that reports. The faculty was same, the one in morning session of 28th Dec. So, there was no doubt that this session was going to be very useful and going to be very helpful in our future life. So all of us paid high attention in first part.


But it being 31st, the last day of year, faculty himself understood that we wanted to get an early leave and enjoy with our friends & family. So he wound up early, but not just formally, he conducted session in best possible way though. He’s 60+ age, and still, he was so enthusiast and guiding us about topic so well. It was really commendable.



Final Verdict


Friends, ICAI charges just 4000/- for this GMCS, but the knowledge we get or the experience we get is priceless. ICAI arranges best faculties available at that point of time, place and accommodations to guide us on various crucial topics.


Don’t ever try to have a thinking of attaining GMCS for formality purpose, because if you do it, you will loose a lot. Because, not grabbing the opportunity is a foolishness and also an act of stupid person.


Faculties are paid their fees, so if they want they can come and teach us formally and leave the premises. But just look at them, they are working hard, preparing presentations on excel, word, PowerPoint to explain us. They are working so hard to guide us, so it’s our responsibility too to interact in such batches and also take as much advantage as we can.


So, it’s my request to every one who’s planning to join for GMCS in upcoming months, please consider these 15 days very seriously. Because you will never get this opportunity to learn in this way, where you can have fun and knowledge together.



Ending Note


Still 10 days to go, I’m expecting a lot now. Earlier, I was not expecting anything productive from GMCS, but now I’m really excited and looking forward to acquire more and more.


Thanks for reading this article and I hope it helps you to understand that GMCS is not formality or rather we should request ICAI to conduct such courses more.







The views expressed in this article are purely mine. It may happen someone might not agree with me, so please, bear with me.


No name has been disclosed here, for any faculties, ofcoarse for the privacy purposes.


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