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If you really want to feel what dreams, handwork and dedication is all about then look at the athletes who perform at the Olympics. They have only one dream, no matter how many world championships they win, they have only one dream that is to win an Olympics medal. They grow up dreaming about it. They work hard for years to perform at their best for the given moment. Just feel for their handwork and dedication and now just one bad day and years of their perseverance, years of their efforts is drained in a moment. Most of the people start judging them for that one bad day. I feel sad when they write an apology for not fulfilling the expectations. It's them who would be feeling low and need a pat on their backs saying, "Well played".

Most of these people won't be part of the next Olympics. Look at the Boxing Legend Mary Kom, she achieved everything almost everything except an Olympics gold medal. The tears in her eyes when she lost tells a story of her broken dreams.

But that's how life is and that's how people will define you. You work hard, give your all for the exam and suddenly on the exam day, it's just not your day and you mess up. People will label you as a failure.

Get Up and Come Back Stronger

I was preparing for the PWC interview and with the experience I had, people around me were more confident than me that I would be able to crack that interview. But just before an interview some unwanted things happened and my mind got diverted in those and during those 15-20 minutes of an interview I was not at my best and messed up big time. I even accepted in front of an interviewer that sorry I know I was not at my best (Note: Thing which you should never ever say to the interviewer).

I couldn't make it and the feeling of not being able to join the big 4 haunted me for 15-20 days. Those 15-20 bad minutes spoiled my whole chance. But that's how cruel the life is.

A bad day or few bad minutes wont make you or your life bad. Accept to yourself that you were not at your best in those minutes and start working on it again. The lady (T. Y. Tai) who defeated PV Sindhu in semi-finals couldn't win any medal in the last two Olympics that she participated in and is now on the verge of winning a gold medal in her third attempt. That's how your dedication works.

You have to get up again; you have to fight back again. Let those who judge for your few bad minutes say whatever they want to, because eventually it will be you who will be answerable to yourself. Just keep your hand on your heart and say that, "Yes, I gave my best, but it was just not my day. I will try again and give my best" .


Life is not about the bad situation you are in. It's about how you manage that bad situation. You either give up or stand up to fight again. The choice is solely yours.

If you think too much about what people are saying then you are getting yourself in trouble. People have opinions even on how Virat Kohli should play or how PV Sindhu should hold her racket. But does it matter to Virat Kohli or PV Sindhu? Will they change their technique on what some x y z sitting on a sofa and having internet on his or her phone feel? 

You too should also think about writing anything wrong about those people. It's better to keep your negative opinion about others to yourself unless and until you are better than them and only want their good. Think how you feel when you are judged like this?

You are the master of your life. Don't let others define you. Come back stronger after every setback and achieve what you always dream to.


All the best!

(Note: The writer can be reached on Twitter at @caanuragwriter or you can message or mail your queries at CAclubindia)

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