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(Improve marks by 20-30%)

How you approach audit paper is very important, follow these to excel in exams.

1. First thing is to select questions & do ranking (determining solving sequence), it may be 3rd and then 6th etc (Spend 10 minutes). Initial few answers create impression about candidate and his knowledge so they should be best you know.

2. Please spend 2-3 minutes in designing your answers, recall all SAs, AS, Company Act Sections, for finals do these also:- Prof Ethics, Form 3CD Clauses, Read only HEADINGS of all guidance notes and give their reference in all relevant cases. More references more marks.

Example if related party question is there you have to give reference to SA 550, AS 18, Section 188 / 189 it is must (Highlight /Underline)

Majority of students know whether answers are yes or no, correct or incorrect but you have to justify focus on why yes / no, why correct/ incorrect, for this read question minimum thrice.

“CONTENT is as important as end conclusion”

3. All answers wherever possible (specially cases) should be written in 4 highlighted (underlined) parts viz.

a. Applicable SA,AS etc… (Reference)

b. Provisions / Prescription/Content of SA,AS etc…

c. Application to given case

d. Conclusion

Length of answer is also important ”include all relevant points” try to give good big size answers 1 & ½ to 2 page (single side) answers for 5 marks, write as if reader doesn’t know anything , you will automatically include all points.

Important points should be written first and then less important points, for example in vouching of sales concept of fake sales bill, importance of pre numbered sales bill should be discussed first as compared to date of bill, name of client etc

4. Be ready with short 2-3 lines summary for each SA , as particular SA is applicable write summary to start with.

5. When difference between is expected either give tabular answer with headings explaining point of difference or proper paragraphs with again headings explaining content of paragraph.

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