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Frequently Asked Questions on CPE Course on CAAT

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Frequently Asked Questions on CPE Course on CAAT


When can I join the CPE Course on CAAT?


You can join the CPE Course on CAAT anytime. You have to first register with the Institute by filling the online application form and send it to the ISA/ CAAT Helpdesk along with requisite fees. Thereafter, join a convenient batch with one of the Regional Council/ Branch/ CPE Chapter. Kindly confirm the availability of a suitable batch with your Regional Council/ Branch/ CPE Chapter before enrolling for a batch.


 Who may join CPE Course on CAAT?


  Only members of the Institute are eligible to join the course. Persons who have passed the Final Examination of the Institute and have applied for Membership can send their application, however their registration would be made only after their registration as a member. The registration and issue of CPE Certificate would be made only after submitting proof of ICAI membership. 


 What are the Objectives of CPE Course on CAAT?


 The CPE Course on CAAT is a practical hands-on training course specifically designed for the members of the Institute. The objective is to enable professional accountants to access databases beneath accounting software and enable them to create SQL Queries, create Report, develop audit trail, create MIS reports and actually utilize computer as an effective tool for Accounting, Financial Planning and Forecasting Treasury Management, Financial Management and Auditing. 


 Can ISA pass members join CPE Course on CAAT?


  Since CPE Course on CAAT course is structured to provide practical skills and exposure to members in technology applications, especially towards analysis and reporting for financial/ auditing, even those who have passed the ISA course can join the Course to enhance their practical exposure. 


 Is the CPE Course on CAAT mandatory for pursuing ISA Course?


While this course is not mandatory for pursuing the ISA Course, it is definitely recommended as it provides hands-on practical exposure to use of computers for typical financial analysis and reporting requirements. It is expected to enhance their practice and professional opportunities in Audit Practices using computers and numerous software applications. The special advantage apart, it is not mandatory to do CAAT Course before joining ISA course.



 What is the Syllabus for CPE Course on CAAT?


Sr. No.



Total Hours

Hands on


Windows 2000 / XP

Intro to Facilities & Commonly used features




Using MS Excel as an Audit Tool

An Intro., Case Studies, Data Analysis & Reporting Features




RDBMS Concepts

Database Concepts, Terminology, Models - An Intro; RDBMS, Data Modelling using ERD, DB Design using Normalization




MS Access

Creating Databases & Tables – An Intro; Event Handling & Report Generation; Using Macros - An Intro.; Using Queries - An Intro.; Case Study




Structured Query Language (SQL)

Introduction to Data Definition Language Statements & Data Manipulation Language Statements (Creating Tables, Selecting Data, Inserting Data, Updating Records, Dropping a Table, Querying Database, Aggregating Data, Grouping, Ordering Data, Joining Tables etc.) & Case Studies




CAAT Tools

Capabilities & Importing Data from Accounting & other Application Systems - An Intro; Analytical Reports, Duplicates/ Gaps. Sorting & Charting; Stratification, Summarization, Statistics & Aging - An Intro.; Sampling, Macros, Audit Trail, Pivot Tables - An Intro.





Total Hours Allocated





 What is the Course Fee for CPE Course on CAAT and how it must be paid?


  The course fee for CPE Course on CAAT is payable in two components as follows:


Course Registration Fee of Rs.1500/- payable to “The Secretary, ICAI” by DD/ Pay Order payable at Delhi/ New Delhi.


Course Training Fee: A Variable amount ranging from Rs.4500/- (minimum) to Rs.6000/- (maximum) (both inclusive) payable to the Regional Council/ Branch/ CPE Chapter in the account name to be confirmed with the respective office.



 What Certificate do I get on participating in the CPE Course on CAAT?


  As the CPE Course on CAAT is a Continuing Professional Education (CPE) skill course, a CPE certificate giving the requisite CPE hours (currently 20) is issued on successfully completing the course. No other certificate is issued. 


 What are the plans for the Course Delivery?


  As the Committee on Information Technology has decided that the CPE Course on CAAT has to be organised by the concerned Regional Council/ Branch/ CPE Chapter, the candidates are required to contact their concerned office to organise a suitable batch at the earliest, for their benefit.


 What do I get on Course Registration?


  Candidates should get their Course Registration Letter within about 10 days of receipt of their duly completed application with course fees and Course Materials (Three Volumes & CAAT Resources CD) within about a fortnight. 


 Where do I send my form for registration to CPE Course on CAAT? 


  For registering to the CPE Course on CAAT, candidates are required to send their dully filled in and signed applications along with course registration fee to the following address of the Institute:


The Secretary

Committee on Information Technology

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

ICAI Bhawan

Plot No. 52-54, Vishwas Nagar, Shahdara

Delhi - 110 0032, India

Tel (Direct): +91 11 30210619/621

Tel (PABX) : +91 11 39893990 Ext. 619/ 621

Fax : +91 11 30210681/ 680

Web: http://isa.icai.org/; www.icai.org. E-mail: caat@icai.org 



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