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I Hope, your giving your best and probably would be in midst of completing your syllabus or giving your final touch before the exams.

In the next couple of days, exams will be starting for both CA inter and Final. Many students will be in a hurry burry to finish the syllabus, while others will be preparing for safe landing during exams. Even after preparing and putting so much efforts, why many students are not able to grab the passing marks? Why many students are unable to achieve the desired results?

There is a need for every one of you to think on this point before going for writing the exams.

Kindly read the article fully, I've listed down Four Things to do during exams, which will help you overcome the negativity, stress, fear and help you boost your confidence in writing all the papers in exam.

Before getting started, there is a beautiful quote by a great person, who believed in himself and never stopped learning from his mistakes, which made him earn the Nobel Prize.

Four things to do during exam to avoid negative results

'The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can't find them, make them.' - George Bernard Shaw

Let's get started…

1. Collating and Securing the Important Notes and Handouts:

It always happens that, students tend to keep their important notes and handouts somewhere during the study preparation holiday. Later, they forget about the exact location due to the exam pressure and further it goes off from the mind as well.

The most distressing part is, when the exams kick-off, students are unable to locate those important notes or handouts and get pressurized, tensed and upset. Lot of time gets wasted, which ultimately results in loss of concentration and confidence.

This generally happens with many of you. But it needs to be overcome in order to avoid unnecessary stress and tension during exams. I would suggest that every student prepare a list of important notes and handouts to be read during the exam or one day before the exam. File the same along with the notes and handouts in the box file/case according to the exam time table, at the time of final study/revision before exam kicks off. Keep the box file/case in a proper location you remember, so that it can be easily retrieved during the exams.

Your books, notes and handouts are more important than any assets read under Capital Gains. So do keep it safe!!

2. One Subject, Many Authors:

Many students make a big mistake in reading books of multiple authors during the exam holiday before the next exam. It is a fact that, there is hardly one day holiday before next exam and students try wasting their time by reading books of multiple authors. In this process, neither the syllabus gets covered, nor the important notes. On the exam day, they go with the fear and negativity which eventually make them end up terrible in the paper. Hence, their results are known much before the actual release date by ICAI.

In order to avoid such situations, it is always recommended to follow one author, more precisely ICAI books only. However, even if you follow other than ICAI books, then it is highly suggested to follow only one author and put your trust into it. Do not listen to other people or friends and try changing and experimenting with different books even during exam time. Prepare Key notes which will help you out at the time of exams.


It is your exams and you are alone responsible for whatever the outcome be. So, make sure you give your best shot and put the ball outside the boundary.

3. Consistency is Bliss

It ispossible that, out of eight paper (both groups) one or two paper might be either average or bad (some time even 'Worse'). Exam does not end up the way we expected it to be. This situation is faced by most of the students in exams, due to which the mental peace gets highly affected and make you lose your confidence is writing rest of the papers or even skip the attempt.

Now you may think, what's the best way or strategy to deal with such situation and avoid being stressed out and burdened with negativity. The answer is simple. In case you encounter such situation during exams, follow this two-simple method, it will help you ease out your stress and tension.

First, before the exams begins, make yourself mentally prepared about whatever the outcome of each exam(paper) may be, you will maintain the same level of Enthusiasm and Consistency and write all the paper by giving out your best till the end. It is like an Oath before exams.

Second, if in case you still face such situation in exam as mentioned above, then keep your mind calm, avoid any negative thoughts, repeat the oath you took before exams and maintain the same level of consistency by being positive about writing next paper.


The truth is one paper does not decide the fate of your ca exams. There are many Chartered Accountants out there who did miserably in one or two paper but due to their determination, dedication and consistency, they end up not only clearing the exam but also getting rank in that attempt.

Thus, one negative thought will ruin all your hard work and efforts you poured in during the study holiday. On the other hand, one positive thought will get you Pass Results.

4. Discussion Groups after Exams:

Once the exam gets over, you can/will see that, many students' groups will be formed to discuss about the level of paper. The other students in a curiosity to know the about the level of paper and what they are discussing, join them and end up asking the answer for the question they written incorrect or skipped in exam. If one of the group members say that the answer written by you in exam is wrong or incorrect, the ground below you will shatter, there will be thunder strike on your face and you may end up burdening yourself with more stress and negativity.

Students who are unable to deal with such emotions, will repeatedly think upon the same even after coming home and waste most of their time on this, rather than studying for the next exam.

This is the common mistakes done by majority of the students during exams. It is highly suggested that, once your exam is done, pack your bags, come out of exam hall silently without discussing with anyone. Even one of your friends wanted to discuss about the exam paper, refuse him/her politely. Come home, refresh yourself and start preparing for the next exam without thinking much on how the previous paper was fared by you. Further avoid cell phone or social networking which can only add salt to your wounds.

The next exam become more important for you, since if one paper was average then the next paper will help you set off the marks of previous paper and you will score good marks when results come.

Believe yourself. You know what you have written in your exams better than others. Success comes from belief.

The End:

'It is better to take many small steps in right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward' - Chinese Proverb

We always neglect these small mistakes during our exams, which cost us huge when result is out. Just think, one small mistake and six months gone. It is better to be well prepared and avoid such small things, which becomes hurdles in your path to victory.

Hard work always gives fruitful results. Never doubt on your hard work and efforts. It because of these small mistakes, students get unpleasant results in exams.

Try following the above To Dos which might help you during your exam days. This four To Do has been picked up based on my personal experience. I have tried my level best to help you and your comments on this article will motivate me to write more such articles, to help you achieve your success.

'Do Mistakes, Accept it, Learn from it, Achieve it' - Motivations & Me

All the Best!!


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N.Vimal Kumar Jain
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