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Hello All,

20 days to go for group 2 exams and just got leave from office. I am tensed how much to read in ITSM  & Auditing and Advanced Accounting such big- big problems. When to solve? How to solve? This is the first thing I hear from students usually. To answer it here are some inputs.

Step 1. First time when we write exams with 9 months intensive practice the focus is high. After clearing the group 1 and joining articleship our mind focuses more on practical knowledge with articleship. Doing articleship is a great life time experience but then main aim is to clear CA final exam and get degree first.  For that, clearing IPCC group 2 should be the first priority. So stay focused on your main goal to become CA. Right mind set.

Step 2. where you want to work, what car, what office, what house, what dress? This visualisation gives you the focus as to why you are doing CA. So visualize your dream everyday. Stay close to your Goal. Visualize if you are a CA.

Step 3. Daily planning: You must study at least for 12 hours now. If you have studied Auditing from morning, then advanced accounting and tired now. Stretch beyond your capacity. Can you read 1 past exam RTP for ITSM. RTP’s are in question answer form so relax and just read it lightly. You should say hi hello to all 3 subjects every day. You can’t study 1 subject from morning to evening.

Step 4. Maintain a planner like this and put a tick when you finish


Past exam papers

Adv. Accounts



Nov 16


May 16

May 16

Nov 15

Nov 15

May 15

May 15

I have made it subject wise then you can make it chapter wise also. When you have a planner you are focused and your efficiency will improve a lot. When you put 1 tick your confidence is 1 step high now. Confidence newer comes by saying , but  it surely comes by doing hard work actually.

Step 5. Can you empty your mind first? Usually, when we study 1 subject, so many thoughts come in our mind. Oh that doubt. This problem is incomplete. Oh this personal work. Just buy a small diary or back of your planner book note everything that is bothering you. Try this for 15 minutes and your mind will surely become empty and focused.

Step 6. Balance Each day: If you are studying today amalgamation or Insurance final accounts in advanced accounting then you can finish miscellaneous audit or Standards 600, 610, 620, 500 series SA’s which are  very important. If you are studying Company audit then with that ESOP, Buy back will give a perfect balance.

Step 7. AUDITING: Coming to subject wise preparation

  • Make a chart of names of SA’s  and AS  and put it on place where you can see 10 times while you come and go. Half the names you will learn when you prepare the chart yourself.
  • Study from Practice manual the language and words which you should write in exams. If you have a peer group you can study individually first same decided topic and then ask each other few questions to be written as test. This will give you a good confidence for writing final exams.
  • Put colourful stick- for what is to be revised 1 day before exams are on.
  • Make your own flowchart notes for Company audit. You can write bullet steps of important words used in answers. Main point is writing practice is a must.

Step 8.  Advanced Accounting:

  • Solve problems from study material and practice manual. Write tags when you solve it for 1st time as:  easy, check again, same as 5th, 4th adjustment important etc.
  • Make a small 100 pages note book which has all formats and important points noted for adjustment. As you do a mistake or learn a new adjustment note it down immediately in this book.
  • Suppose you have finished adv. Accounting and doing audit now, can you just pick up your small note book and just revise formats in 15 minutes and close. Saying hello to all subjects everyday is important.
  • Accounting standards of group 2 are very important now and till CA final. Questions asked are tricky (AS 4and AS 5) and technical (AS 11, 19 , 20). Prepare notes for formulae of EPS ,steps to calculate unearned income etc. Solve all material, manual, RTP problems for AS. Refer other books for AS if you have some buffer time.

Step 9. Stay away from all distractions: Can you surrender your smart phone for a month. What will happen if you are not on FB and what's up for some time? Don’t do any analysis as to what is trend of paper? What institute is doing. That is not your work. Save all your energy only to study. Don’t bother about what people say around you. They don’t know what CA course is. You will make your own way.

Step 10: Don’t say how is all this possible in so less time. It is possible. No separate time is required to prepare notes. When you make notes yourself it is written on paper as well as your mind. So you have learnt it at the same time. Do some exercise, eat well all that is discussed in my other articles.

CA is a beautiful course. Still heads turn when you say you are a CA. Believe in yourself, Stay focused, and work hard, lots of best wishes always.

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