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A sincere gratitude for all those who cared to give me a good debut and that has encouraged me to come up with yet another article. As you grow up, you tend to travel more and in few circumstances you may happen to stay away from your home town, from your parents, family, childhood friends in order to move to a new place for pursuing a career. Staying away at a new place and pursuing a big professional course is always a challenging task. This article has been exclusively written for the students who stay away from their home and a certain do’s and don’ts for them are mentioned here throughout.

Realise the trust and hope which have been kept on you:

This is the most important point that every outstation student must bear in mind that your people have kept a lot of trust and hope on you to send outside their place to pursue a professional course. So you should be aware of it all the time and not to waste even a moment of your going, either it is classes or articleship.

Don’t remorse too much:

The time before you have actually parted from your home, you would have been a mischievous, naughty kid to the most case. From passing comments about mom’s cooking to showing authority to your little brother or sister, etc many things you would have done. And when you start staying away, you will be dozed with all those thoughts. Every guy/ girl will think like this at some point of time or the other, “My God! How mean I’d been all these days!” and will start worrying. It just weakens you. Here the idea is, not to remorse too much for that since everything happened for a reason. It is better you realised their worth and can resolute that atleast from now on you can treat them with utmost dignity.

Spend, Eat and Stay Healthy enough:

The area where many students make mistakes and pay the price for it. In the name of not being too much burden to their parents, students miss to take adequate care of them. I have seen students eating half-stomach to cut costs even when they really have money to afford to eat normally how they used to do. Students tend to get into this kind of mindset when they are newly given money to manage themselves after having been under the care of parents thus far. Also there are students who do not take photocopies or notes of materials related to studies which are really needed for preparation.

You need not spend money so lavishly. But never hesitate to spend a penny which you feel is really necessary. In any case what all the money you spend now, you will get it back in your first month salary at one shot once you are qualified. Always remember, cost cutting arrangements not just cut costs, but quality too.

Learn to be emotionally strong:

As you stay away from your parents and dear ones you will obviously miss them. This in fact happens and you cannot help it. But you have to stay emotionally strong and not to break down because that you are not able to meet them when you wanted. The sincere suggestion is that you should not keep telling this to others that you miss them. Nobody loves to get loaded with problems. The localities, anyways not going to understand your emotions. Your fellow outstation friends will already be in your same mental plane. Even if your friends can tell you some words in the name of consoling, that can happen once or twice. After that they might start avoiding you and you will eventually lose your esteem.

Whenever you terribly miss your parents you can compare yourself with our jawans fighting in the border. Even they are bound with those emotions. But every time when they get such a feeling, it’s that the fire to serve the country overcomes the emotion. Likewise with the fire to finish the course with flying colours you should also be moving on.

Stay cool and composed:

Many of the students who make this blunder are that they start narrating about the glory and heritage of their hometown among the host localities. It doesn’t stop there. In worst case it turns out to be a heated argument like, “Which place is the best? Yours? Or Mine?” between people. The passion about our hometown really crops up, whenever we cross the border and leave to another district or state. It’s natural. But you have to subside it in your mind itself before letting it out from tongue and igniting a heated argument.

Also you might find a few localities pulling your leg by asking a few questions, ”hey dude! So what do you feel about our city”, “the transport system is so great in our place, what say?” etc. you might have N number of answers to be told. But you can simply put a full stop to that by saying “yeah buddy! It’s fun’’ or ‘‘It’s cool”. Nothing more or nothing less. Always maintain a composed attitude so that you can save a lot of time spent in unproductive issues.

Get transformed:

Though there are a huge amount of challenges, there are also a huge lot of benefits involved provided you survive the challenges. Because the time of staying alone and away is the time you start becoming self dependent, knowing how to deal with a situation or a group of people etc. In other words it is the time which transforms a boy to a gentleman and a girl to a lady.

Therefore start enjoying that life and those years will always be a memorable one. Whenever a thought like “how comfortable and safe we could be if we are in home right now!” remember the Hindi poem ‘Ek Boond’. A raindrop will feel clueless about its future as to where it is going to fall and was worried that it was very comfortable inside its home, cloud. Eventually it fell in the sea and became a pearl. The poet conveyed his message this way that if you want to become something valuable, you have to step out of the comfort zone. Things always occur for a reason and you too are going to be valuable and an experienced person in life.

Hope it turned out to be a useful read and you derive some benefits through it.


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