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Hi to all those who couldn’t make it this time.

I am not writing this to console you people ( I know you must have got it from your near and dear ones) but I just wanted to share my experience and thoughts with you.

While most of us would be celebrating success, with CA result reaching new heights, but I know, a deserving few would be in a state of shock, blaming destiny or the institute for not clearing. "Yaar 2 marks se reh gya", "ISCA ne kabada kar diya", "paper thik se check nahi hua hoga", "mere to sare paper ache gaye the". I know you can relate to most of these.

You may feel dejected, seeing your co-mates celebrating success, thinking "kash do mark aur aajate", "kash ye ho jata", "wo ho jata", but believe me ye kash sirf kash hi reh jaega unless you get up and do something about it.

Iss bar nhi hua. Okie, this is not the end of my life. I am capable enough without this degree as well but need to get it to get recognized and will get it.

Just make learning and gaining knowledge your AIM and everything will FOLLOW.

You know you have it in you. All you need is to work smartly, just go through the paper and compare your answers with suggested answers of the ICAI. May be you realize "arre ye to kuch aur expect kar rhe the", "shayad mene question ko galat interpret kar liya".

Graduating from SRCC and securing a 85% in my third year..failing both groups in my first attempt was a setback. I cried and cried, until I came to CAclubindia where I saw someone’s article who had written few tips to take care while giving exam. I read through all such articles, gathered motivation and started studying with full dedication. I hibernated for 2.5 months, unfortunately I could not clear my second group, worked harder and got thru the second one this time but believe me after all this I found my journey worthwhile for:

1. My concepts got stronger and thus became more confident,

2. I studied all those small topics which I had left in earlier attempts,

3. Better concentration,

4. Became more patient.

It totally changed the way I looked life.

Har kisi ko sab kuch asani se nhi milta..some peope like us have to fight …and fight hard HARD to get what want we want..

You cannot change what has happened (unless you are lucky enough to get marks in verification of marks), but you can always learn something new while preparing for your exams.

For example:

1. I got better understanding of ASs.

2. I could really apply SA’s while auditing.

3. My company law became stronger, and I could actually quote sections to my clients and tell them why I wanted a particular information for statutory compliance check.

Sometimes, I have seen people who have cleared CA papers in more than one attempt being sharper than those who have cleared in the very first.

Finally, I can give you few tips (which really helped me) which you can follow:

1. Keep in touch with ICAI website for all new notifications.

2. Take publications of ICAI seriously specially for DT and IDT case laws (case law wahi se aate hai).

3. Don’t waste time in learning section no. You just have to give to the point answers. (idhar udhar ki kahani likhne se kuch nhi hoga, it’s a professional examination).

4. Properly utilize the reading time ICAI is giving (specially in costing/DT-I read the lengthiest question during this time as I knew I won’t be able to read it properly once I start writing).

You are the best judge and only you know what can be done to crack this paper. So sit, analyze and get back to work.

Suno sabki, par karo apne dil aur dimag ki!

Best of Luck!!

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