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First Interview bubbles

Member (Account Deleted) Guest , 25 July 2012  

First Interview:

“Your interview has been scheduled after two days on Wednesday 1st March 2012 at 12.30pm IST”….Hearing this cold blood runs through your spine. Within hours the entire neighborhood, family, friends, relatives know that it’s your Interview. You start deciding on the clothes to wear, color of the shirt, tie, blazer! You start browsing tips on interviews & discuss the whole day long about the pros & the cons.

By the time you are leaving for the interview, your entire family is praying because you were nervous & you have made them nervous. How do you think you will perform, you will end up with a disaster & you will blame everyone but YOURSELF? If you do well, you’re smart & if you fail….Parents did not support, interviewer had a lot of attitude and company is bad.

Remember: You are solely responsible for your success or failure. I will just help you to do the right things, but again everything depends on YOU.

A Day before the Interview:

a. Please be quiet & rest: Rather than spreading the news to the entire world & then fearing how to face them, it’s better to just inform the near & dear ones.

b. Avoid getting into discussions: You have to give the interview & all interviews are different. 100 suggestions will just land you no where.

c. Plan what you want to wear: Professionals prefer black pants & light colored shirts. Choose an appropriate tie & a blazer. Please keep the clothes ready in advance, last moment changes will make you nervous.

d. Physical appearances: A clean shave with proper hair cut always gives a professional look.

e. Baggage: Carry a professional bag with your resume neatly printed & enclosed in a file. Carry all your credentials in a separate file.

On the day of the interview:

a. Please start early: Please get up early from bed, get ready smoothly & leave with ease. Plan to reach the venue at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

b. Presentation: Please carry a deodorant in your Bag & use it just before you are entering the interview room. First appearance carries 50% of your interview marks.

During the Interview:

a. First thing First: Please greet (Good Afternoon) & not a HI! & shake hands with all the interviewers.

b. Manners: Please do not pull the chair on your own wish; wait till the interviewer offers you a chair.

c. General behaviors: Sit comfortably, try not to change a lot of sitting positions, avoid shaking your legs, keep your hands open, avoid curling your hands through your hair, nose, face, neck & please avoid scratching.

d. Eye of the tiger: Look into the eye of the interviewer while replying. An eye to eye contact gives the interviewer a lot of confidence in you.

e. Smile & do not laugh loud: Please smile, do not sit with a FEAR face. That will show your confidence.

f. Dangerous question: Truth is always better. If caught in a situation where you don’t know the answer, please admit. If you lie: The interviewers are the masters, they will grill you on your lie.

g. Do not argue: If the interviewer is not convinced with your answer & he cross questions, do not argue, simply say: Sir, I agree with your point of view & maybe with time & under your leadership I mature myself, but with my limited knowledge I am convinced with my reply too.

h. Do not act buttery: You’re the man / women who has worked hard & cleared your finals. You don’t need to apply butter. Be your self. Be assertive but not aggressive.

i. Do not commit: Never commit just to get a job; it will come back on you someday.

Please understand one thing very clear: THIS IS YOUR 1ST INTERVIEW & NOT YOUR LAST. SO enjoy the experience rather than making it a life time FEAR.

All the Best

Rajesh Tahilramani.

Mumbai Head.

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Ltd

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