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Finally Cleared CA after 10 Attempts

CA Sumit Ramesh Bharadia , Last updated: 27 August 2019  

Patience, it's not about waiting, it's the ability to keep working harder knowing that the work is worth it.

First time is the best time. You have everything fresh to read, fresh to mark, fresh to study and fresh to revise.

The next is just a complex thing. Reading from the already read books, already marked lines, already ticked questions. Everything will make you remember the past failure. When you study for the first time there is a fresh perspective and enough time, about good 3-5 months to prepare before the exams.


However, in the subsequent attempts, you start after your results. Well, not even after results. There is a lag between the results and you begin your preparation, with the grief of failure, instability etc. And then by the time you try to cope up with all these emotions there's little time that is left. It makes you question, can you expect to succeed with lesser time when you had failed with comparatively more amount of time? It's difficult.

My Journey to CA

I had registered for CA CPT as early as during my Class 10th. i.e., June 2007. Immediately after my 12th, I joined for CPT and cleared it with DOT 100 Marks in June 2019.

Then IPCC took me 2 Failure for Group 1 and in 4th I cleared the Group 2

Then began my articleship. This is the best part as you get exposure to actual working. And after 1 year of the articleship period, I started with CA Final Classes. The schedule was too hectic during the last 1.5 years of articleship, as it is with everyone. Classes in the morning from 7-10, office from 10.30 to 5.30 and then classes from 6.00 to 9.00 PM.


May 2014. Exams got postponed due to Elections. Failed both groups. Group 2 scoring 184 with 36 in ISCA

Nov 2014. Cleared GROUP 1. Group 2 164 (Reduction of 20 Marks from Previous)

Before results, during December 2014, my Dad expired.

This was the most disturbing phase of my journey. Had to handle work of Dad along with Studies. It's difficult. But you have to do it anyhow.

For the next 3 attempts, when I had only a month or 45 days to prepare, my score was- 164,163,160.

Every time the same feeling- LAST STEP MAIN AAKE CA KYU CHODNA (Why Discontinue CA at the last step). I used to wish had I not passed group 1 I would have left CA. Just because 1 group was left, I have to continue it.


Then in May 2017, I had been 3 months preparation and again I faced failure with 188 Marks. This was the give up the point and  I was frustrated. Even then I thought I shouldn't give up.

In Nov 2017 again Failed with 155 Marks.

I started with my Office this time. Though not much work to be wholly engaged but I didn't want to write exams.

Got Married in March 2018 and thought to quit and didn't write the exams.

As before every attempt my Family, especially my mom convinced me to write the exams. So I prepped myself up and went to meet the CA with whom I had worked for 3 months in 2017. I went to him to take guidance on how to get work and what to do. He immediately offered me work. But before leaving the office he asked me of my CA Results, and I answered that I am giving up on it as I am confident I won't clear the exams. He calmed me down. These were the lines he said-

"You cleared CA IPCC and FINAL Group 1 entirely while focusing on it and that too being in Pune. Now after dad's demise, you have been preparing for 1/2/2.5 months with half of the times in Pune and half of the time at home for some or other work. Do you think you gave you 100% efforts? He said, Work will be available for life long. But the degree will make difference. I suggest you to go to Pune immediately and start fresh preparations as it is your first attempt."


He motivated me a lot. Even everyone in family asked me to do it. They were more than happy for it. In the next 4 Days on 5th December I left for Pune and started afresh. And due to Elections exams got postponed to June 2019. 6 Months of hardwork, but ISCA as usual due to fear not prepared much. My wife joined me during the last 1.5 months and she made me study ISCA portion wise and I was so confident of getting exemption in ISCA, in which I failed in most of the attempts. And FINALLY here I am, having Cleared my CA Group 2. Now I am finally a CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT. It took me PM Narendra Modi's entire 1st term to clear CA Final.

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