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Most of us are often, unable to live our lives fearlessly...
People live their lives out of fear for a number of could be fear for loosing out on opportunities..or fear of loosing out on people..fear of being hurt..fear of animals/insects..fear of failing an exam..fear of heights..fear of darkness..maybe a fear of fear..fear of not being happy..fear of failure in anyway..or maybe a fear of death...Fear in life comes in various ways and various measures..

But it makes me does this fear comes into existence in the first place..
When I was born, was i born with the fears in my mind..or did they come into being with time as an when i grew..
I think no one is born with any fear..God is very kind and he send every child of his own with a fearless state of mind..Our own fears come into being only with time on the basis of our lifestyle..upbringing..surroundings..some incidents or mistakes in our lives..or maybe any other reason..and this is why the category of fear varies from person to person...

I have my own fears like everyone of us...and as i introspect and think about all the fears that are inside me...i realize that it is these fears, that act as stepping stones in my life and take me away from my primary purpose of existence...
Don't we take most of our important decisions of life, after intentionally or unintentionally giving weightage to the fears in our minds...We do make our decisions after weighing the pros and cons of the situation in our minds..and unknowingly our mind carefully analyses each fear before taking its decision...
The smart thing that our mind knows perfectly what our fears are and it make us choose the path which has the least of our fears. It is an intelligent decision maker and we have programmed our minds to make decisions in this way for us..

I wonder, how life would be if we are able to overcome all the fears within us and our focus just lies on moving further and going higher up in life..It would be so much better..cause its only then that there would be no fear of going down again too!
It is when we overcome our fears in life only that we give our ambitions a whole hearted thought and fearlessly move towards our goals in life..
Cmon now temme, when we move ahead fearlessly, what would be coming in the way to deter ur mind and body from your goals and ambitions...

I believe, there exists a Khatron ka Khiladi in each one of us...Cause there exists fear in each one of us...and where there is fear...there also is the inner spirit to fight against that fear..and thats when the oh so hidden Khatron Ka Khiladi comes into picture...
Haven't we all seen the sprite ad with the tagline that loudly says: " Dar ke age jeet hain", The 30 seconds ad come across with such a strong principle of life and hats off to the mind behind it for putting it up fearlessly..

As I notice, most of the people who have achieved or reached somewhere in life are very strong..they have succeeded in overcoming their fears and have therefore been able to develop a confidence in their decisions and their work..Had they been fearful, they would not have been able to reach where they are..cause as u go up in life..the biggest of fears just tend to go up too..the biggest of it all is the fear of loosing the niche u have carved for urself with so much of a hard work...

Sixty years back, had Gandhiji not been fearless, would he have been able to get our country independence almost single handedly..No, never...
I feel, fear is a very mind is an illusion which exists just in our minds and not in the real sense..
The day we are able to overcome our fears in the real sense, we shall come out bravely and successfully..cause we shall be at a position where nobody on this earth can take us away from what we want to achieve, not even death..
Killing the inherent fear of death in oneself, would lead to a murder of most of our fears of life...After all, i think one cannot die in the complete sense with death dies out of fear...
Death cannot and doesnot kill just changes our form of existence and mostly for the better..Death can never kill one's spirit and completely delete our existence from the earth..

I am going to try my best to overcome my fears and not think about them at all..and instead concentrate on my work/goal of life, lead my life with an example and stick to my principle and do things on the basis of my understanding of right and wrong...
I have no idea if i will ever be able to achieve the above myself..cause its not really easy...but one things for sure...the above is what i believe in, and the above shall be how i would be moving ahead in life...
God bless alll....
Live life fearlessly!!!

Published by

Nikita Jain
(CA, CS)
Category Students   Report

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