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CA Final and intermediate results are announced, some students succeeded and many of them don’t. Congratulations to the passed ones and best of luck for their future endeavors.

But I am here to talk about some of my personal experiences I’ve got in this journey.

My CPT was cleared in June 2009 in the very first attempt, then IPCC both groups cleared in May 2011 but in clearing Finals it took 9 attempts, yes you read that right, 9 attempts!

With every attempt passing by pressure was mounting in my head like anything, watching every friend of mine getting settled in their lives, taunting and demotivating lines of every relative and never-ending study, it had become a nightmare. But what kept me alive in this entire journey was my passion for this profession.

Never for a single moment in all these years, I thought of quitting because I knew that I can do this and born to be chartered accountant.

For others, these could be attempts but for me this was a journey that taught me how to stand firm when time is not in your favor, it taught me what is the importance of achieving your goals/aims, it taught me how to stick to a difficult decision you made and make it happen for real no matter what difficulties you may face and no matter what it takes, it taught me how to fight with failures and try harder next time.

When the whole world is criticizing your decision, doesn’t believe in your efforts, you just have to stay calm and let your results speak. This world only remembers success stories but fails to note that how many times you fail, what sacrifices you have made, how much amount of hard work you have put in day and night.

I have read one story somewhere, you might have also heard about it. I am narrating you in few words. Once a man visit to a learned man and asked “what is the key to success?” The learned man told him to come next day. Next day, that man came and again asked the same question. Learned man gave same answer. This continued for many days and one day the man got irritated and asked him to stop this and please answer his question. The learned man smiled and asked him to come to the beach next morning.

The man came on time but that learned man arrived very late. The man got angry and asked the reason for this late coming, but the learned man didn’t utter a word and keep walking towards the sea. He kept on walking until the water level came on their head. The man told learned man not to go further otherwise they will sink. The learned man suddenly put a hand on the other man’s head with pressure and started to drown him. The other man put his whole efforts to save himself for the next 30 seconds and after that learned man released him. The man asked “What the hell was that is this for what he asked him to come here”? The learned man then said “Remember those 30 seconds in your whole life, if you want success in your life as badly as your life, you will succeed for sure, and no one can stop you”.

So friends, failure is not the end of the road, it’s just an opportunity to explore the road to success with more determination and hard work.

All the best, stay positive, stand firm.

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CA Harshal Totla
(Chartered Accountant)
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