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Let's start with remembering some great name in the history:

  • Abraham Lincoln - Politician
  • J K Rowling - Author
  • Henry Ford - Businessman
  • Thomas Edison - Scientist
  • Walt Disney - Entertainer.

Reading this list first thing that pops up in our mind is Success.

But there is one more thing that is common between all of them and many other such big names and with me and with you too!!!!

Let me save you from trouble of guessing, it's one simple thing: FAILURE.

All those people mentioned above from all the different fields, all different background yet they all failed.

Did failure disappoint them ?

I surely do not know the answer, maybe failure disappointed them form some little time but all of them have achieved a lot in their life. The only conclusion is even though failure may have disappointed them they chose to go on.

They decided to fight head on with any situation because their dreams were far bigger than failure or number of failures.

Yes, all of us have one time or another faced failure.

It's scary and more importantly it's INEVITABLE.

When we tried to speak our first word Mumma but must have been sounded something else.

When we first tried to walk, we fell, not just once but again and again but we kept going and finally one day we were able to walk on our feet.

When we first learned how to ride a bike, and the list just goes on....but we still remember


When we were young we didn't mind how many times we fail until we achieve what we set our eyes on then why when we grow up we started feeling bad when we fail?

It's only natural for a person who dares to do something to fail.

Why I'm writing about failure?

Because I'm a BIG living example of failure...

I failed in relationships
I failed in Study 
I failed my friends and parents.

And most importantly I have failed myself because I haven't achieved what I have always imagined would be too easy for me

So am I going to cry for my failure and won't do anything to move forward?

Frankly, yes maybe for couple of weeks, I'll go into my cave and cut off from everyone but eventually I'll come out and conquer my dreams because my Dreams are bigger than my failure.

So all those people out there don't be disappointed by some small defeat the world is not over and one day we all will win.

Just stretch your arm and declare to the world: "Watch out for me because I'm coming"

PS: I've cleared my CA final 2nd group in May attempt and will be appearing for Nov.


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