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Failed Don't worry: Success comes through rapidly fixing our mistakes

Your journey is not between failure and success.
It is between a lifelong goal and a commitment in loyalty.
There is no destination.
There is no failure and success.
Let go of that pressure and just be happy on your journey.
Be committed to a lifelong goal.
Success comes through rapidly fixing our mistakes rather than getting things right first time.

As we know that Passing the pass rate of many professional exams are very low. Many students are giving attempt over attempts to crack these exams. Passing a professional exam is a common requirement before anyone can be award a professional qualification. Professional exams are not just to get a good job but also to make you a thoroughly professional.

AAs you begin to prepare for your professional exam, there are some common-yet-powerful techniques that can make sure you’re not overlooking anything in your preparation.

1. Believe that you can Pass

You are what you think you are. Your thoughts make and define you. You have to remove the limiting belief that you can’t pass a particular subject. You should always remember your self-believe is a good indicator of what you can achieve for yourself.

2. Review the Subject Syllabus

The syllabus lays out expectations from students. It also focuses on  the quality of work examiner expect from you and it shows students how they should prepare for exam.

3. Invest your  time and money to Pass Professional Exam

Most students cannot pass exams because they failed give sufficient time to regular study. You have to invest on text books, revision kits and make your own note for each paper you intend to study. The most important investment is time not money. You can carry your summary notes to almost everywhere you go.

4. Try to learn Practice Application of theory

Professional exams are difficult  because most people cannot easily relate the theoretical knowledge to practical situations. If you want to understand a professional course note, look for a practical way to apply the knowledge.

5. Understand the question Structures

You need to understand structure of questions asked in exam. It helps you to plan your study and allocation of your time. You need to study last question paper and practice manuals.

6. Take as Many Exam Practice Questions as You Can

This is very important if you want to pass very first attempt. Additionally, by doing the practice questions, you can see what areas are your strongest and which ones you need to focus on

7. Practice Past Exam Questions

It is said that "Practice makes perfect". You should therefore practice sample exam papers and be your own examiner.

8. Group Studies - Two heads are better

Make a group of 2 or 3 friends to share your understanding of a particular subject or topic. You should avoid larger groups as it may lead to group conflict.

9. Take Time for You

Continuous study may lead to information overload. You have to take breaks to take your mind completely off the exam. First you must have at the back of your mind that the purpose of any professional exam is to make you a thoroughly professional. So learn for "KNOWLEDGE."

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