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Again the results came, again many of my respected friends got dejected, some decided to quit, some sounded clueless.

First of all, you have failed in CA exam and not in life, so it's just not right to feel dejected. Yes, you worked hard, yes you gave up your leisure time but it's not the end of the story.

Dejection will lead you to nowhere. It will only create more trouble. It's ok to feel sad but just don't make this sadness your home. Feeling depressed and doing nothing will not get you anywhere. Just think about where you have failed and carry on with your preparations. There will be people around you who don't know much about this course. For them failure in CA is just like failure in other exams, so they will give their judgements. Its not better to reply them. Just smile and work hard; your results will shut their mouths automatically.

A single piece of paper and few marks here and there will change the perception of the world about you. You may fail n number of times but once you cross that finishing line all your previous deeds will be forgotten. So just don't think about what x, y, z says about you. Those who criticize you will change automatically with your results. You just have to focus on your goal, thats it.

You have to do it for yourself, for your Parents who still believe in you, for your friends who know your actual worth. So just get up and fight.

Let this failure not deter your will to succeed. 

So just let this feeling of results sink in, accept the responsibility, see where were you wrong and work hard. 

Just imagine the feeling when you will succeed; the smile on your Mother's face; the feeling of pride and satisfaction in your soul that you didn't give up when whole world wanted you to. That feeling has to be earned, Work for that...Just go for it.


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