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Everybody is scared of this word. Let that be a unit test of 5th standard or a post graduation exam. 


I too was scared!! And this time not because of mine but my wife’s exam.

Shabnam was appearing for CA Final first attempt. Though, I am qualified I was little help to her in studies. 


We recently shifted to Pune about 8 months back. Small town as compared to where we stayed. So a big change as expected. I joined in a week’s time after our marriage. For her everything (including my family) was new. Initially she struggled with many things like cooking, language, life style of Pune, my parents. She is a pampered child being youngest like me.


We decided to take up classes for the final. Then, as usual fought for like which group to appear, join classes etc. Routine as all couples on this earth know better. Finally the classes started. Getting up at 5 was tough for a person habituated to get up at 9!! But I must appreciate she managed it quite well.


Exams came closer. Like every CA student she also said to me “Can I skip and appear next time?” I am saying every CA student because even rank holder is scared of appearing this exam. You really require courage even to fail (ijjatse) in Finals. This question actually took me 8 years back. When I was appearing for foundation course.


I was a village brought up guy came to big city for pursuing a dream. I was too small to understand what the dream was. It was more of my father’s dream that I wanted to complete.


I was an average student with intelligent mind (which was used more in sports and naughty activities). With God’s grace I scored good marks in HSC. My parents were too excited than me. Without thinking anything dad decided to send me to a big city for further studies. Mom was reluctant as – she was a mother. For almost 7 years she was living alone with her son.


I remember the day I left my home. I had to board the bus at 9.30 in night. Around 8.30 for the first time I saw my father crying. Even today I wonder whether it was because he was scared to send me? He is a courageous man and never gave up in life. He cried and said “Lots of best wishes”. I hugged him and replied “Dad, I will surely fulfill your dream and be a big man”. As usual my mother was crying the whole time. She always has a stock of tears.


I came to big city called Mumbai. A big change in my life. I used to visit Mumbai on holidays sometime, but never thought I will end up studying here. 

I remember the first day of my college. I was ranked as first amongst the outsiders list. I managed to make friends (not good friends). I felt they share very formal relation with each other. They used to call each other by taking complete name, “Pradeep”, “Sameet” “Avdhoot", unlike my home town where it was “Padya”, “Samya” or “Avdya”. So a big difference. I got adjusted with it soon.


Foundation course classes also started. None of the college friends were in the batch, so again a different group of friends with same attitude.


I had very limited friend circle that to different in college and classes, so I had no option but to make books as my friend. Again a big change, where I used to unlike books. But this helped me gain good marks.


By the time I finished my classes I got an idea of what the CA course is? One thing, which kept hitting me, was the promise. The promise I made to my father, my mother.

Before the exam I was too scared like any other student. I called up dad and asked, “Can I skip and appear next time?”. Dad was very disturbed though never showed. He had lot of expectations from me and he took extreme efforts in putting me here. He just said, “Don’t worry child, just go and appear”. I made my mind to put extra efforts and appear. After every exam he called and said “It’s fine. Don’t worry, we will try next time if result is negative”.


Days passed and also the “happy time” till result. Again the tension stared building. I had already made up my mind that I have to reappear.

I came to know through one of my friend that result is declared and announced only at the institute. The day was also one of the disaster days for Mumbai. “Balasaheb Thakrey was arrested” and the whole Mumbai was shut. It was next to impossible to go to institute in this situation. And also it was difficult to control anxious mind. Finally, it was decided to call up institute. My brother, Shrikant, dialed the number. Phone rang, the guy on the other line inquired the number and just said “When should he visit to have sweets?” Shrikant, as usual in the dead voice said “You have cleared”. For a moment I thought I am dreaming. I could not believe what I was hearing. So, we again called to confirm. This time Shrikant confirmed the name and marks. Excited “Congratulations!!!!!” said he. It was the moment, which I remember and feel excited even today. I immediately ran to STD booth to call dad. I told him I cleared, and could not stop crying. He got so excited that he told the entire staff at his office as if I became CA. I could clearly make out the feeling of a proud father in him.


It was only three students who cleared in the class of 60. I was one of them.  

I thought, what more you require in life other than making your parents proud. Tough I flunked once in Final CA exam, I never asked again to my father, “Can I skip and appear next time?”

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